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Celindriel Bryleth

(a.k.a. Moonbeam)

Written by Elsbet.
Celindriel was born in the elven village of Elanaril of the Border Islands of Aennamar to her father named Ardreth Bryleth and mother named Viessa Iliyra. Her father was a low level diplomat for the Matron of Graygate, Matron Cînith Aerilaya. Her mother was a Priestess to the Goddess of the Moon Sehanine Moonbow.
Her mother left the family when Celindriel was only twelve years of age to live out her life in a cloister in the village of Shialaevar, the south western-most island in Aennamar. Claiming that she was to follow the summons of her Goddess, she felt justified in leaving, bound by the whims of the Gods. For all Celindriel knew, she felt that she and her father were abandoned, and this resentment festers quietly within Celindriel’s psyche.
Her father slowly moved up the ranks within Matron Cînith’s court, eventually becoming the envoy to the Sun Elf City of Sile Allanar. The family lived comfortably, if not lavishly in Elanaril, and continued to live as such when they were transferred to Graygate when Celindriel was 28 years of age.
Celindriel completed her second level studies within the Lunula Lyceum consistent with what is to be expected of a young, blossoming debutante. She soon grew bored and found excitement in the more cloak-and-dagger aspects of society. She was eventually introduced to the Thieve’s Guild of Graygate, known as The Ivorylights, by her Uncle named Tathaln Bryleth when she showed signs of being a prodigy and needed some direction.
The Thieve’s Guild in Graygate wasn’t like the other guilds in the cities of Abios in that they took their profession seriously, and saw it as both a way to honor their goddess Sehanine Moonbow and ensure national security against outside threats. The Guild went to great lengths to teach its members in the art of deception, stealth, assassination, forgery, and reconnaissance. Sanctioned by Matron Cînith as a means to prevent agents of evil from encroaching on their lands, the Guild often assigned members to perform dangerous undertakings in places abroad. These were often seen as a means of teaching less experienced members a way of getting actual “combat” experience whilst being led by more experience mentors.
It was on one such assignment where Celindriel, now 114 years of age, was offered an opportunity to run reconnaissance with her Uncle and a few other members to the coast of Telethas just north of the elven village of Gaelira. For reasons she’s still not quite sure of, she declined the mission, making up an excuse as to why she couldn’t. A few days later, Celindriel learned that the mission was a disaster, and no survivors returned from the mission. Wracked with survivor’s guilt, Celindriel occasionally battles with nightmares of her Uncle Tathaln being overwhelmed by undead. She honors his memory by wielding the shortsword he gave her; a blade of dark blue steel with a black leather handle and a crescent moon sculpted into the pommel. The words “Moonbeam” are inscribed in elvish at the base of the blade; the nickname he gave her when she joined the Thieve’s Guild. It is considered her most precious possession.
Celindriel fell into despair and mourned her Uncle’s loss until the Guild intervened a year later. One evening, during a full moon, the Matron of the Guild named Lady Ilsevel Eilsatra, summoned Celindriel to her chambers. Celindriel was given an envelope along with instructions to deliver it into the hands of the Queen of Laskea, Yevidri Aerilaya, and no one else. A merchant ship in port was to set sail in the morning bound for Sestatrea, and she was to board the ship under the guise of a simple messenger for a local businessman. Asking whether or not she could read the letter, Lady Ilsevel nodded her approval and dismissed her. Celindriel made her way to her room, shut and locked the door, and gently opened the envelope. Upon unfolding the fine stationery, she immediately recognized Matron Cînith’s signature. The letter read:
Dearest Sister,

I write to bring you words of warning. Our Priestesses have foreseen a great evil setting foot on the continent of Abios and schemes to bring chaos to the land. I have dispatched the Ivorylights in search of more answers on what these omens entail, however all our efforts thus far have yielded no additional information.

One bit of disturbing news that we have uncovered is the Undead of Telethas seem to be on the move north. It will take them some time before they become an imminent threat, it is nonetheless to be taken as an absolute and immediate threat to our lands.

I am sending word to Acilidan and Tharethiel. I would ask that you seek friends in the good kingdoms of Aldywnne, Estrya and Mil Durahl. You and I both know if this scourge begins an attack from the South, the Kingdoms of the The Emerald Basin will move to take advantage, the Zhentarim especially.

Please, implore your husband to dispatch envoys immediately. We will do all we can.

Celindriel now finds herself on board the ship The Anellas, Captained by the female Wood Elf Enwen Adrel, bound for Sestatrea along with the crew, cargo, and a few passengers under the guise of a business courier.

Mental characteristics


Second level education, completed at the Lunula Lyceum in Graygate.


Family Ties

Ardreth Bryleth
Viessa Iliyra
Tathaln Bryleth
Year of Birth
2157 115 Years old
Current Residence
Long White
5' 6"
130 lbs
Aligned Organization
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