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Short Story- Oath of Blood and Iron

Plot points/Scenes

The story opens with Angharad crouching in the scrub bushes above her homestead, from which she can see her father lying dead in the farmyard from a Fae arrow. In the distance, the Wild Hunt gallops away further down the evening. Angharad stays here for several hours before daring to venture down into the yard. There, she takes the old iron sword from her father, sacrilegiously leaving his body unburied, seeks out the Wild Hunt, tracking them further down the valley. At first, she thinks that she is consumed by revenge, and that is her initial goal, but as she approaches the next raided village, she is forced to reconsider.


The gist of this story idea came to me when I was about 17 as a way of subverting the trope of an orphan picking up their parent's sword/lightsaber/invisibility cloak and using it as a weapon. In most cases, it is a weapon to bring about justice through violence, but I wanted something different with this. I wanted them to do the opposite and work instead on reconciliation and restoration as a means of healing.   I wasn't able to fully explore this in the short story as I could tell quite clearly where the story ended and it was before the foundation of essentially an orphanage. That I plan to explore or at least illustrate in later stories.







The story takes place in one of the high farming valleys of Ynys Gwyddard, on the edge of the Acholt, but not quite into the forested moorland itself. The main location is the farm that Angharad was raised on and uses the burnt ruins to form the foundation of the home that she later built for other children who had been orphaned by violence such as herself.
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Short Story
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30 Jul, 2018 19:53

I like the synopsis. I'd like to hear more about the overall story idea in relation to the plot though. This one is hard, but good job with what you did!

31 Jul, 2018 18:47

Thanks. Glad you liked it. I'm not sure how much I can actually put here because I've submitted the story to an anthology. Have to play my cards close to the chest until I hear back from them.

K.C. Kramer- Tales From Beyond the Horizon
31 Jul, 2018 01:27

"She is forced to reconsider" is what made me like this article. I've seen so many times the revenge plot, but so few understand that a character's goal can change and that through her mindset, her personality and her moral dilemmas, a greater internal adventure can be launched, more intriguing, more personal, more relatable to both the readers and the character(s). I hope you're going to work on this aspect as much as it deserves to be worked on!

31 Jul, 2018 18:49

Yeah, definitely! Otherwise, it would be just another rehashed story. That's how I wrote the story itself, inf act. At first, it sounds like it's a revenge story, but as it progresses, the wider picture becomes more prevalent and noticable.

K.C. Kramer- Tales From Beyond the Horizon
31 Jul, 2018 02:48

An interesting start to a plot, it makes me want to hear more about this character and what she achieved! I know it's silly but what makes a fae arrow different from a regular one? Maybe we could have a little blurb about the protagonist and antagonist on the page so people could see at a glance? Good job though!!!

31 Jul, 2018 18:52

Yeah! She's definitely going to be one of the major characters in the early days of Laeonesse. A Fae arrow doesn't use iron anywhere, so this one was sort of bronze and silver. That makes sense! I'll see what I can manage to put in there! Thanks!

K.C. Kramer- Tales From Beyond the Horizon