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Pandora's Destruction

A city on Wolfulti. It used to be the capital of Wolfulti and was ruled by a forgiving King and Queen. Forgiving of everyone but their daughter, Adriene. She was at the age of marriage and the King was getting ready to find a suitor for her when she found someone else in the forest.

Plot points/Scenes

Adriene is the only daughter of the King and Queen of Pandora. The only child. She likes spending her time in the forest that surrounds Pandora. While she is there she meets many forest humanoids like dryads, tree men, and fairies. She loves being in the forest because the people in the forest is nicer to her then anyone in her town. Adriene does not like that her father is making her marry someone she does not love. Vincente is a forest man, he would always watch Adriene from on top of the trees. He was afraid of talking to her and wonder what she would do if he did approach her. As he watched her for a year he realized that she would be approachable. He came down from the tree right behind her. Adriene turns around one day to find a beautiful young man facing her. She introduced herself and he introduced himself. They fell in-love with each other and one night made a child. Vincente knew that he made her pregnant because of him being one of the magical beings of the forest. The King was angry with Adriene for spending all her time in the forest that he made her have many guards around her so that she could not leave the city. Adriene was not happy about that. She wanted to spend more time with Vincente. Two months later she realized that she was pregnant. She did not want her father to make her marry anyone else so she told him that she was pregnant. The King was angry, so angry that he almost made her loose her child. The Queen stopped the King from going to far. Adriene was scared for her life, that night she ran away without her guards to find Vincente. She could not find him so she thought that her father killed Vincente. She ran for a while until she found a tower in the middle of the forest. She spent her pregnancy in this tower trying to find information about how to kill her parents for what they did with Vincente. Little did she know that Vincente was watching her in this tower. He watched her in anger, he wanted to be with her but with the anger she had it was hard for him to show himself. Adriene found a spell on how to release a demon. Aasag, this demon would be able to kill her family and destroy people who hated her. She was close to having her child when she released the demon. Aasag killed the whole city and Adriene did not want that to happen so she found a way to get the demon into her child. She put the demon in her childs body and took the child in the tower she spent her pregnancy in. Then she left to help get the city back. But nothing she could do would undo what she already did so she killed herself when the dead started rising from the dead. She left note about everything that she had done so that maybe someone could help make the place better again.
Plot type
probually more of a plot beat then anything else.

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