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Wrath of Nature

Roses are red, violets are blue, nature is coming for you.

Created by XenoSoul
This chapter will go more deeply into the already established plot hooks concerning the nature of the world of Longshe and that it is not doing well.

Plot points/Scenes

This plot point will be begin in the announcement from the city guard captain Zuru that the nearby city of Tenghar is being attacked by nature and that the party are the only once who can help them because the rest of the city guard is already caught up in another carfuffle.   After having departed form Athton the party find themselves in a battle with corrupted nature beings which they realize that it has also spread to the fauna at large.   Having defeated the immediate treat the party helps the guard of Tenghar figure out from what side the enemies are coming form as they have been sieging the city from all sides. To figure this out the party has to send out scouting party to the different places around Tenghar to find clues and figure out where the main bad guys are situated and what the story is behind them while being under siege from tree monsters.   Having found the one orchestrating this they party confront Oronia, the corrupt sylvan Dryad her hair made from thorns and ready to confront the party with two Shambling Mound to aid her.   After having defeated the dryad that was in charge of the corruption to the forest the trees all around start to shake and tear itself louse form the ground, and in the throne where Oronia previously resided is now empty.   Knowing only one way to solve this problem Izumi Liam charges up to take over the place that needs to be filled. In her last moments of consciousness she confesses her love to Chester Mailford before becoming one with the forest.   But there is no time to morn as they entire piece of land the party stands on starts glowing in a green light transporting the party to the Dasemi where all seems to be corrupted and slowing starting to get consumed.


The themes that I want to keep returning in this chapter of the campaign and the next chapters to come is one of lost and one of unfamiliarity as these are two things that exist in spades in this day and age.



The main part of the exposition has already been done in previous chapters of the story, but to quickly explain.   About 3 weeks ago the party of still young adventurers found themselves in a cave in which they coincidentally or not caused a flood to sweep across the entire planet of Fitireti. After which they got a quest to find out where all the water came from and a way to get rid of it. multiple encounters with the new land around them later they found that not only the land has changed but also nature itself, and not for the better. They saw nature almost having a mind of its own and being corrupted by someone or something.


While in the city of Athton the party having recently acquired new magic swag heard hasted footsteps in the distance. As they turned to look they found it was the head guard captain, Zuru having a worried expression on his face. He told the party that the nearby town of Tenghar was being attacked by the same creatures they have previously encountered in the forest, creatures that were from the realm of nature but not quite natural, almost being corrupted in a way by a weird form of black sludge and vines.

Rising Action

As this is the middle part of the story this is also the largest part of it as it is the part which will take the largest amount of time ingame.   After having fought the initial battle the party finds that the city has been under siege for weeks and they only recently have been able to get a message out to Athton and that their food supply is running low and that their manpower has been dwindling slowly but surely. Being confronted by this fact the party decides to help the poor town of Tenghar out.   The party is led to the main strategy building by the Tenghar guard captain, Tekabi, where a map is laid out of the general area and the landmarks around them. There are a few things that need to be done before the city can truly focus on finding the one responsible. These things are:   After that has been dealt with the guards can finally focus on the main problem the thing that is attacking them.   Now having the resources that they have make it easy to track down the main bad, Oronia.


As the party approach the now know location of Oronia they know that this is the last battle, this is the battle that will decide the fate of Tenghar. As they begin to see the location on which the battle will take place they see Oronia standing in front of the biggest tree imaginable, and around her a mass of vines and thorns.   She turns around to the party her eyes being two withered flowers ask the party what they are doing here, although she already knows the answer, to stop her from enact her evil plan. Appon being asked for her motivation she seems to have forgotten but during her speech revers to Shigigiri multiple times.   When the party loses patiance or Oronia the real battle begins. Oronia revealing that she has two Shambling Mound to shield her from incoming attacks. if the party did not complete the one or either of the goals stated in the rising to action chapter one or two will help Oronia out.

Falling Action

As the battle finally come to a close in a battlefield completely destroyed by lightning raining down form the heavens and thunderous smites delivered on the many foes the cacophony of battle finally comes to a close. As the party is about to celebrate their victory over their defeated enemy, Oronia, the druid notices something is of, that something is not right.   Now that Oronia is defeated the corruption should disappear right? So why is it still here?   It is only not still there it is expanding, growing at a alarming rate, multiplying by the second. But that is not all. As the druid notices this the entire party hears a loud, near deafening groaning and cracking of wood as they see a large som of the trees around them trying to tear themselves from the earth. Their bark contracting into horrific, frightening faces. Spouting black sludge as they try to reach their nearest target. And in this, Oronia's throne glowing with a sickening green glow, having enough space for one humanoid shape person to sit and replace the one lost in battle.


As the party realizes that someone needs to sacrifice him or herself to keep the forest from rampaging all around them a large discussion breaks out in the limited time that they do have. There however is one that does not participate in this conversion, that person is Izumi Liam. She knows that time is limited, she knows what needs to be done and that she is the only one who is capable of doing so.   Before anyone has a chance to react Izumi lays her frail body in the wooden throne, which upon contract starts to move and contract. Pulling her closer to the tree behind and slowly turning her body into wood. As Chester Mailford realizes this he rushes towards his girlfriend trying to pull her loose from the morphing throne, but he is already to late. The bottom part of her legs have already completely turned to wood. Although Chester realizes this he doesn't slow himself down still trying to hold on to the hope that there is a way to save Izumi.   As Izumi is being pulled at she knows that their is no saving her but yet there is one thing that she needs to say before she goes, before she leaves Chester Mailford all on his own. Steeling herself for what she is about to say she breathes in and says what she has been meaning to say since the day she met Chester Mailford.  
You have always been there for me Chester. When I first met you in the village you were to only one to pay attention to me, the only one who cared about me. Me, a lowly peasant girl would never be worthy for a Half-Elf like you. Yet you showed up in my darkest hours and took me in in your care. You showed me compassion, love and gave me a will to live on. To fight another day, for you.   Stay being the Chester that you are. I truly love you.
  And with those words the last of Izumi changes into a woodwork of pure beauty and the white golden lights within the eyes of Izumi dim until there is nothing left then the eye sockets they resided in.   A moment of pure silence washes over the entire area, none dared to speak, none dared to move. The sound of the trees fell silent, the birds stop chirping, as if the themselves were in silence for this moment of pure tragedy.   Though this did not last long. A second of ten later the earth underneath the party starts to shake and give of a ominous dark green glow. As the party feels themselves become physically lighter they see the world around them blur and shift.   What they see next is nothing short of a travesty.   (See next story chapter to find out what)



During one of the party there previous jobs they agreed to help the head guard of the city of Athton and as such are forced into the helping him with one of the big jobs that come his way, for which they will be paid is spades.


Throughout the adventure several future adventure hooks will be hinted at and will be explored. Some of these are  
  • The origin of Izumi's powers
  • The origin of the corruption that seems to have spread nearly everywhere
  • The history of Oronia and what happened to her to make her so resentful
  These are not the only themes that will be explored but these are the main once to pay attention to.


The stakes present in this adventure are oviously the lives of the people in Tenghar. But beyond that is the danger that a large part of the nature around Tenghar might be corrupted for some nefarious reason.

Moral Quandaries

As a lot of the citizens of Tenghar have been corrupted along with a part of the animals in the forest surrounding them. This coruption however does not mean that they loose their sense of self. The moral question that comes form this is.  
Is it oke to murder the once that are corrupt even though they might be able to be saved in one way or an other?

Cruel Tricks

One of the cruel tricks that Oronia implement to slow down the opposite faction is to use their loved once against them. As the corruption allows Oronia to control the once she has killed and make copies out of that person for devastating mental and traumatic effects.

Red Herrings

The thing that will detract the adventurers the most during the story is the personal problems of the people inside of Tenghar. Sure there might be some interesting stories to tell but the citizens of Tenghar are mostly meant to slow down the adventurers as the pressure on the town keeps growing.



The main four protagonists are the four PC's. The always beautiful bard, Anastasia Volkov. The two druids Ysberin Brodric and Chester Mailford. Along with them travels the NPC of Izumi Liam, the girlfriend of Chester Mailford who has a very special role to play in the later parts of the adventure.


One of the main allied factions that will keep helping the party over the course of the adventure is the The Hasty Venus Scouting Regiment. There are also other NPC's that may help them along the way like the guard captain Tekabi.


The citizens inside of Tenghar may be a neutral faction in the fight as there may be some who have the ability to fight depending on the compensation given.


The obvious villain of this story is Oronia causing all the death and decay the adventurers have to deal with but the underlying villains who don't involve themselves directly with this debacle are the Feresie.
Plot type
RPG Story Beat
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