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One-Shot: Good News

The adventurers start out in the city of the Exiled in the desert of Gnahhr, where they have come together in one of the better Taverns at the westside of this city. They get approached by a shady half-elf with a cloak and a hood. He tasks them witch delivering a important message to a friend of his, so he gives them the letter, which is closed, so they can bring it to the recipient, who lives in the outskirts, in the black-painted hut right besides the east gate. He pays them half a crown total and rushes off and out of the tavern, vanishing into the crowd.The party may then decide to deliver the letter to this mysterious person. When they arrive at the hut they are greeted by a young man wearing a dusty light cloak, who greets them and takes their letter and closes the door soon after. Going back to their Inn or strolling through the city, they are again approached by the cloaked figure, now huffing and puffing, looking like he ran all the way from the other ed of the city, who greets them and tells them his name: Burman. He also tells them that he just received a note from his friend, telling him that he will be in the city of Ragna, where he planned to visit his uncle, so the man the party gave the note to wasn't the rightful recipient. Burman asks them to go back and track the thief down, so they can get the letter back, before it falls into the wrong hands. They then go back to the Hut and find the back window wide open. They are able to track him down to a tavern, where he can be arrested in a nice little tavern brawl. The message that was contained within the letter may be a hook for a larger campaign or something completely mundane.

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