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Adventure: Under the Halls of Winter

Telemei, professor of Vessunan history at The Winter Academy in Samavra, is knowledgeable, well-respected, and probably a little bit crazy. But hey, aren't all the best teachers? Despite his genial demeanor, securing him as a mentor is nearly impossible. So when he asks the PC(s) to help him out, they've been offered a rare opportunity.

Plot points/Scenes


There are ghosts in the Winter Academy, and they might have found a living accomplice.  


Telemei is too old to go rooting through the records in the basement. Wouldn't some young, strong students like to help him out? Here's a paper with a list of things he's looking for.  


Strange whispers in the basement and distant screams are a prelude to being locked in with angry dead. Who are they? What do they want? Well, for starters they'd like to borrow your lovely corporeal form.
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And it seems as though Telemei's list bears the mark that allows for your possession. Once they've got that bit down, it'll be time to go offer more bodies to the god of the cult that once used these buildings. They are quite sure, having been sacrifices themselves, that they just need to replace their souls with fresh ones in order to obtain release.


First, you'll probably want to get out of the basement. Or maybe you'd like to address the possession before you go traipsing back among the living. Either way, some incorporeal undead will need defeating.
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And then you're going to have to make a decision about Telemei. But will anybody heed your warnings? Or will you be expelled if you press the issue?


  • Ghostly Goals
  • Possessed
  • Voices in the Dark
  • Join Me in Death
  • Plot type
    Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis structure from Penumbra's Dynasties and Demagogues by Chris Aylott, which I heart muchly.


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