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The Arrival

A small galley, with a crew of only 15 men, sailed across the sea. Tempor was their captain. Bracing the storms that raged in that week in Breakwater Bay, they managed to reach Minatochi safely. Tempor disembarked first, slammed his staff into the ground and spoke the famous words: "Wealth has arrived". - The Arrival: a detailed description of events, A. Albertucci

The Story (short version, as written by S. Frezzi)

  "It's a wonder I managed to steer us safely through the storms", Tempor thought, "I hope we will see shore soon, we simply don't have the supplies to keep us going another three days". Tempor was shook back to reality with a cry from one of his crewman, Alessandro: "Captain, we have found land!". immediately Tempor rushed to the front of the Obbediente, a small galley with a crew of 15, "Steer us there, and let's hope they welcome us".   The Obbediente, swift as the vessel was, reached the shores of Meiteikoku in a matter of hours. In the harbour of Minatochi, at the same time, a group of sailors unloading their cargo spotted an approaching ship, of a design they have never seen before, waving an unkown flag, sailing out of the mist. "Oshari, go tell the governor!", one of them cried out. By the time the Obbediente reached shore, a group of armored guards was standing on the shore awaiting them. With them, at a safe distance, Yoto Ushimara, appointed governor of Minatochi.   Tempor was the first one to leave the ship after it docked in the tiny harbour of Minatochi. He slammed his staff against the ground, a sparkle of energy escaping from it. ""Wealth has arrived", he spoke, directed at the governor waiting for him. "Who are you, where do you hail from?", Ushimara asked. A conversation among both leaders began, with Tempor telling Ushimara about Velamare, a newfound city across the sea looking for trade.   When the Obbediente sailed back home a week later, it was laden with trade goods and with a very important deal: Velamare's ships where allowed to dock in the harbour of Minatochi from this point onward. On board of the ship that sailed back was one new person, Uko Ushimara, son of the governor of Minatochi. The arrival took place and trade began to prosper.



Tempor: first doge of Velamare, captain of the Obbediente. Yoto Ushimara: governor of Minatochi



The Arrival takes place in Minatochi, largest and oldest city of Meiteikoku. To be more precise, the harbourside. At this time, the harbour is quite small, there is space for only two ships, with a single warehouse lying near the shore.   It's early morning when this story takes place, the storms that have been raging prior to the story are over and the thick cloud cover is slowly starting to dissipate. A fog hangs over the water, obscuring vision. Only one ship is moored in the harbour and it's crew are busy unloading wares.
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