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Minatochi, the place where it all started for Meiteikoku. An area surrounded by fertile farmland, situated at the sea and at a large river. The birthplace of the empire. It's easy to get lost in this sprawling city. The city itself is not the capital of Meiteikoku, although it's status as the biggest city of the empire. The upstream city of Shiho-fushi is the capital, but it's safe to say that Minatochi is the most important city. -- Meiteikoku: a guide, A. Essenbau


The city, being the largest trade hub of the empire, it it's most diverse city. Given it's proximity to the Southern Desert, a large tiefling community resides in the city. Other large communities include elves, a mix of various human cultures and halflings.   The city has a variety of different wealth classes, from poor farmers coming into the city to sell there wares and beggars, to rich merchants and imperial officials living a luxurious life in the richer parts of town. When it comes to professions, the city is a true melting pot. Sailors come and go, Sabakeer's sign up in the city for expeditions to the Southern Desert and farmers come and go from the countryside surrounding the city.


The city is run in the same way as all of Meiteikoku's cities: a governor who's appointed for life. It's not under harsh control by any means and citizens enjoy a great number of personal freedoms.


The city is surrounded by several walls, with most of them dating from different times and being in dissaray. In times of war, these walls can slow an enemy advance, although it's unlikely they will hold against a full invasion force unless reinforcements arrive. The reason for the terrible state of the walls is that the city hasn't face any threats in decades.


The city is the main trading hub of the empire and is the second largest trade city in the known world, far behind Velamare. Most of the city lives on goods bringing brought from various parts of the empire to export to Velamare. Inside and around the city, a variety of products are made and many different jobs are done. The city is also used for imports, as it's in direct contact with Velamare most imports happen through Minatochi's harbour.


Minatochi formed very naturally, with farmers from around the area settling together until it eventually grew into a large city. This is obviously because it's location near to fertile land and water. In the early days many threats faced Minatochi and different leaders build different walls, resulting in it's large variety of different defensive structures in all kind of architectural styles. After the foundation of the empire, not many battles where fought around the city, marking the start of a peaceful time for Minatochi. One exception to this is The Trade War, which started in the harbour. This conflict only lasted a couple of days and most fighting was done at sea.


This settlement is surrounded by fertile grasslands, ripe for all kinds of crops and pastures. It's located next to the Gurandori river, which leads further inland to the forests surrounding Shiho-fushi, providing a good source of lumber for the city. It's also located next to the sea, to be more precise in the Breakwater Bay area.

Natural Resources

Many grains and animals are cultivated around the city. A fresh supply of lumber and ores is always present from the regions further north, which are connected to Minatochi by the Gurandori river.
Large city
32 000
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