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Terra Incognito

A campaign idea for mid-level players in the setting. Taking place within the city of Arkhome, across the Sea of Spires and ultimately on the mysterious Shimmering Isle, allowing for a strong focus on exploration and development of the player's own characters.


Exploration, adventure, survival, leadership, and camaraderie.



A group of individuals are hired for the exceptional opportunity to take part in an exploratory expedition to the Shimmering Isle. Reportedly none have ever returned from such a voyage but the pay or the chance to see the Isle itself is worth the risk to those aboard. Despite assertations that the island is unexplored the patron of the expedition reveals he has in his possession a partially completed map of the island, penned by a cartographer of some renown who remains missing to this day.


By a sick twist of fate or perhaps cruel intention the ship is wrecked and run aground on the unfamiliar shores of the Shimmering Isles, faced with the prospect of no return and limited supplies, the players and surviving crew are forced to carry on with the expedition in order to secure food and water and protect themselves from the islands many dangers as well as seek a way to return home. Not only must they contend with the island itself and their own basic needs, they must also deal with the various companions who survived the voyage with them, some of which may not be all they seem or have the foremost concern for their fellow explorers and shipmates.



Survive the island and discover a way home.


Basic necessities, strange indigenous flora, a hostile land, and sabotage from within.



Forlorn shores, landscapes twisted by magic, desolate ruins of a different world.


The island itself, ghosts and spirits, mutated monsters, horrors from beyond the veil.

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