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Something that could happen.

In a world turned upside down by the Century war, many peculiar things resulted from it; Lost valuable technology and crazy cults, just to name a few, more often than not these things mix and with the added component of a a noxious environment that plays with the Psyche it can complicate matter further.

Plot points/Scenes

The protagonist enters an unassuming large house, which happens to be inhabited by one of the wealthiest individuals alive, the old male welcomes him and after a some small talking, He is offered the Job to retrieve as much information from the remains of a scientific reserach center far away from there. When the protagonist asks why, The industrial baron explains that there's the likeliness of blueprints and other documents about a functioning fusion reactor in there, and the he needs someone outside of his company to attempt to retrieve it or else it could have dire social consequence for him and his employees.   The main problem is that such remains of a research facility are considered sacred and outsiders are not welcome and not only that, it is likely that the local authorities will turn the blind eye if an intruder is detected and disposed of,



Th goal is to find and retrieve scientific documentation about a very valuable but lost technology, like nuclear fusion the problems is that such information is trapped somewhere in a so called sacred area for mutated demihumans and would not let any outsider in and at the same time the cults members are well armed and with the local authorities protection so an assault is not an option

Moral Quandaries

One example of that is if the cult's rights to let whoever they want into a sacred area should be respected, even when in doing so the rest of the socity would benefit from nuclear fusion, or if the end justify the means.



Laboratories, mansion, ruins, the roads, "churches"


Bandits, Mutated wildlife, traps, toxic environments and hostile people


Combat, Negotiation, deception, betrayal,planning, escaping, survival
Plot type
A possible Story to write about

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