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Short Story: A Deal Draconic

The Band Leader dissappeared with a flurry of wind and fire. Lumen watched past the guards from his hiding place in the band's cavern. Where was Leader Ferno doing so late at night? Lumen crept away to his his pile of rocks that he had set aside in a small alkcove of the cavern. He had thought this plan just in case he ever needed to get out without being noticed, but he had never expected to.   Lumen grabed his rocks, and hesitated. there's no way this is going to work. And even so, did he really wnat to get wet. maybe he should just... but no. every moment he hesitated was a moment that ferno got further away. He gathered his courage and every ounce of breath he could, before launching his rocks into the air. as the rocks clattered against the stone surfaces of the cavern, he dunked himself under the water and felt him pulled along the slow current of the water.   He immediate instinct was panic. It was every where; into his ears, between his toes, forcing itself into every nook and cranny of his being. Lumen felt his head pressed on all sides by the oppressive water, afraid to move lest he be caught trying to sneak out of his own home. his lungs burned, and when he felt darkness croaching in on him, he burst from the water. Lumen gasped for breath. Shoot, they must have heard that! QUickly, Lumen got his bearing. he wasn'tfar from the entrance, the guards will be here soon. Lumen scrambled on youthful le gs into the scraggly mountainside bushes and waited. the guard, Nace came quickly aften, torch in hand; a deadlky weapon in the hands of a fire tribesman like herself. with quick efficiency she examined the place he had been just moments before. she traced his path with her gaze, seeing where the water splashed and dripped form his escape and resting it directly on where Lumen hid. They stared at each other for a moment.   "Must have been a wandering Owai" She called back. "A small one by the look of it"   With a sigh of relief from Lumen, she strode out of sight back to the cavern entrance.  
  • To Be Continued -----
  • Plot points/Scenes

    Intro: Fire Band Leader sneaks out of the band with his charizard under the cover of night --- The Child Follows   Mid 1: Following the star-like blaze in the sky, the boy pursues the band leader through treacherous night-time terrain   Mid 2: The Child watches from hiding as the Band leader fearfully negotiates with the Dragon Clansman   ending: the Fire Band Leader is easily killed (almost) by the dragon clansman, and the child is told to deliver a warning


    Tribal, Danger, elemental



    the New World is the home of many different elemental mutant Tribes, including the Fire Tribe and the dangerous Dragon Tribe.   Guardians, and Leaders may bond an Owai (Elemental Mutant Animal)   Mountainous Fire Tribesmen like volcanic regions


    Ferno has snuck out and Lumen wants to find out why

    Rising Action

    Escape from home, Travel through the dark wastes, and find the negotiations between Ferno and a Dragon Tribesman


    Ferno's Powerful Owai is killed instantly and Ferno is left with a mortal wound, dying in Lumens arms. Lumen is given a warning to pass on

    Falling Action

    Lumen struggles to get Ferno Home


    Lumen delivers the news; Dire tidings indeed



    Plot type
    short story

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