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Ithicayn's Journal

Musings on what happens when Ithicayn's Journal is discovered and the choices made coming up to that and afterwards.


Themes to explore in this story is the impact of technology. The effects of quick communication on communities. The right of many and the needs of the few. Personal vendetta in face of global change.



First must be set up with all plots is the players on the stage. The finding of Ithicayn's Warpstone alone would bring many large players out of woodwork. The Thieves' Consortium is one such player that would love to have access to the Warpstone. It might even attract the attention of the Nobody. Still such a plot while shaking large things would be remiss without the smaller players.


The turning point should be with the location of the Journal being definitively found, though without the journal in had. There should be a fight of some sort that happens over the Journal, even if the primary protagonist does not engage directly with any such fight. The journal's finding will spark many wars and some of them may start here.


The finder of the journal should have their choice made as to what to do with the Journal itself. Whether to use it to create more Warpstones or to burn the instructions preventing the spread of the Warpstone.



The use of the Warpstone



There are a number of Realms on which the this plot can take place. Ithicayn visited all of the realms so it is with in reason that any of them might have their journal tucked away in them. Of course the two most likely places is the Realm of Omega and the Realm of Fiction. From there you could go further closer to find the region in which Ithicayn lived in and his labratory.
Plot type
Story Idea, book overview, work in progress

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