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Cold Snap

The tale where Maner Roman investigates a town that had a sudden strike of freezing cold weather, in the middle of summer.

Plot points/Scenes

Scene 1

Maner is struck by freezing cold as he enters town, has to tie his buffalo near the outskirts, and Verisimilitude (Mili) stays behind. As he enters, he does not see any signs of life, except for the town hall that has been barricaded with smoke coming out the chimney.  

Scene 2

Maner enters the building, and sees that the fire has faded, with a few people still huddled around it. When approached Maner finds them unresponsive, muttering to themselves about losing feeling in their limbs, and feeling the cold in their blood.  

Scene 3

The Bloodchilled break into the the hall, and Maner fights them off, discovering that their limbs shatter when chopped off, and become replaced with ice, swords don't affect them. Maner fends off the Frozen with the embers of the fire, without being touched. One of the people around the fire suddenly grabs his ankle, having become fully Frozen. He slays it but now has a blue Frozen handprint that feels like he has frostbite. he fights some off, but more appear, including children and animals.  

Scene 4

Maner escapes, but has to deal with the Frozen. He finds a way to trap most of the Frozen in the hall, then sets it on fire. This "melts" the Frozen, and Maner is able to escape the town. But when he checks his leg he sees his veins are icy blue, and the chill is spreading...



Maner Roman, an Inquisitor investigating a mysterious town.


Frozen, the ice zombies caused by the Bloodchill
Plot type
Short Story

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