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In Search of Eyebright

Shortly after Fibius and Rolland set out disaster struck. With their inexperience surviving in the wilds of the The Freelands, Rolland failed to realise that the stream near the abandoned shack they had taken residence in was tainted by Sight Rot. Succumbing to the disease, Rolland was incapacitated and Fibius thought all hope was lost until a mysterious Druid by the name of Dion came across the pair. Knowing that he was incapable of healing the disease through magic, Dion informed Fibius about the rare plant known as eyebright, that could be used to heal Rolland. Believing it was most likely that the plant grew in the swamps to the east Fibius and Dion secured the shack and set off.

Plot points/Scenes

Within a days travel they came across the small town of Maria's Hope. When they arrived they were harassed by Elster Trickfoot, a halfling farmer who mistook the pair for members of the bandit gang that had been extorting the village of their food supplies. Upon realizing his mistake Elster pleaded for the pairs assistance, offering a bushel of Eyebright he had recently purchased from a wandering merchant by the name of Shane Ione as a reward. The pair agreed and took residence in the Hawklight Inn to make preparations.   Early the next morning they were awoken by the shouts of bandits, led by Rog the Half Ogre. When Rog's demands were not met he ordered his men to assault the village. With the assistance of Wilben Hawklight and a series of traps Fibius had constructed the night before they managed to repel the first wave. Enraged Rog smashed through the palisade encircling Maria's Hope and began demolishing the town, killing Wilben in the process. As Fibius and Dion focused on the threat of Rog they failed to notice one of the bandits that had made it into the town. Managing to catch them by surprise he plunged his dagger into Dions back before Fibius killed him with a crossbow bolt. With Dion now out of the fight, Fibius was forced to flee from the Half Orges terrifying strikes. Firing his crossbow whenever he had made a safe distance until finally, a lucky bolt struck Rog in the throat, killing him outright.   Having successfully defeated the bandits, Elster assisted Fibius in giving some rudimentary medical treatment to Dion, who made a remarkably fast recovery. Unfortunately, they discovered that the Eyebright they had been promised was a fake, unbeknown to Elster who had been scammed by Shane Ione. Now no longer able to pay Fibius and Dion he instead told them of a Cleric of Dijara who had recently passed through the village heading north. However, Fibius and Dion decided to continue on east towards the swamps in search of eyebright.
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31 Jul, 2018 05:37

Interesting story. Is this a summary from an RPG session ? I only ask because the story focused on the decisions the protagonists didn't choose as much as the ones they did.

31 Jul, 2018 21:06

Yes it is! This was a quick summary of our first session in this world that I threw together in time for the Summer Camp deadline. I'll be expanding on it later with our second and third game that formed this mini adventure while one of my players was on holiday

1 Aug, 2018 01:09

Fantastic! Is your entire world made with RPGs in mind?

1 Aug, 2018 10:11

At the moment, although I have considered maybe also writing some short stories in the setting as well.

4 Aug, 2018 23:56

Great stuff, i look forward to seeing more

6 Aug, 2018 21:59

Thank you! Been super busy with work recently but hopefully, I'll be able to update these existing articles and get some new ones done soon. Glad you've enjoyed them so far.