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Reclaiming Thundertree

Recently, the quiet town of thundertree has been overrun by the Ashen, killing or otherwise incapacitating most of the towns guards. A young green dragon passing by noticed the uproar, and seized the opportunity to claim a small realm of its own. Now the soldiers of Barum have been dispatched, and surround the town, cutting down the ashen that wander too far outside.   They are now at a stalemate. They cannot leave, or other towns may become plagued by the grey zombies within the town, but the cannot press forwards as they would surely lose to the poisonous breath of the dragon.   A druid, claiming to be sent there by the king, entered the town alone. He has not yet emerged and the dragons roars can still be heard from the centre. If the dragon could be slain, or otherwise persuaded to leave, then the town could be reclaimed and rebuilding could begin.

Plot points/Scenes

The Group enter the town, and find the place they once knew overrun by the grey horde and other woodland creatures. As they search, they may find the druid, who is himself searching one of the abandoned buildings. As the continue exploring and fighting the ashen, there is still no sight of the dragon. Approaching the wizards tower, they hear a whispering from behind, and turn to see the dragon has snuck up on them!   If they pursue a civil conversation, the dragon becomes a Gnome, and introduces himself under the name of Verdi. He claims to be bored of the provincial life and seeks excitement in the city. Perhaps if they help him set up shop in Neverwinter, he could be persuaded to leave peacefully.   If they agree, he winks mischievously before returning to his dragon form and soaring away over the forest canopy. The druid is then free to aid the adventurers, any way he can.


Destruction and dystopia Schemes and plans Unbeatable odds.
Plot type
Scene: reclaiming the druid

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