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The Beginning of Penumbra

This article is meant to be a glance at some of the members of Penumbra and how they've joined the organization. It is meant to be a reference and may have minimal information as a result.    

Casina Grace


  • Finishes school with specific degrees, decides to found Penumbra.
  • Finds investors and solidifies the company
  • Slowly hires on low level staff to start out as a basic cosmetic company with mana infused products.
  • Products boom on the marketplace, and as a result, need grows. Casina hires more people on.
  • ██████ █████ ████ ████████ ████ ███

Edward B

Arcane Sciences Lead

  • Family falls on tough times, and Edward is sold to a genetic experimentation company to pay off his parents debts.
  • Poked and prodded and tested on, he eventually pays off family debt; hears that an organization called Penumbra was behind the shut down shortly after he's left.
  • Edward goes into arcane sciences classes, aiming to understand what had happened to him and others.
  • Publishes papers which catch the attention of Casina and she offers him a job.

Esme Forte

Medical Magic Lead

  • Finishes her nursing degrees and specific schooling; Is set as a head nurse in a hospital.
  • During treatment, someone's personal magic and her own clash and her healing magic is damaged; She cannot heal without hurting herself.
  • Forced to resign
  • Casina hears of her plight and hires her into Penumbra.

Travis Elias


  • Fell on times, was in dire need of a job.
  • Heard of clinical trials being done by Penumbra, decided to offer his assistance.
  • ████████ ████ ████



  • Hears about treatment testing being done by Penumbra
  • Due to his illness, he takes part in a clinical trial
  • ████████ ████ ███



  • Heard about a possible treatment to her illness, looks into it and discovers Penumbra's clinical tests
  • ████████ ████ ███

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