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Penumbra is an organization created by Casina Grace. It is a company that combines magic and the knowledge from the pharmaceutical industry to create their products. It started as a small, indie company, before beginning to pick up traction. Penumbra is now a large name in medical pharma, and sells a variety of products.


Penumbra Products

Penumbra sells a variety of items ranging from mana infused make-up, to small medical kits. They continue to branch out into other forms of business, and it is not uncommon for the Penumbra logo to be found on things like soaps and lotions. A short list of products are as follows:

Skin Care ProductsCosmetics ProductsBath and Body ProductsMedical Aid Products
TonersConcealerSoapsScar fading cream
Face washMakeup palettesLotionsHealing cream
Face scrubsLip balmsBody scrubsBurn balms
Penumbra Products 1

Penumbra Products 2

Penumbra Products 3

Penumbra is constantly on the verge of bringing new products and innovations to the realm of pharmaceuticals and medicine, and is considered a pioneer in this regard. No one seems to be able to guess what the company will produce next. In fact, there are rumors that deep in the belly of Penumbra's labs there is something being worked on in an attempt to cheat death itself. But those are just rumors...

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Casina Grace, without consulting anyone began a series of experiments, meant to create a medicine so powerful that it could cure any disease the person suffered from or could be exposed to. These hidden experiments go above the law, and Casina convinced that sacrifice is needed for the greater good.

Notable Employees

Within Penumbra, there are many key employees. Casina is well known for hiring the 'best of the best', as well as hiring people that are in times of need. Many people employed under the Penumbra umbrella of work claimed that Penumbra hired them when no one else would. There are a few key staff members and employees working at Penumbra.

    Esme Forte: Head of Medical Magic Division
    Edward B: Head of Science Division
    Nova Sauda: Head of Caretakers
    Razor Hunter: Head of Fielders


    Head of Penumbra (C.E.O)
    Head of Science
    Science Division
    Head of Healers
    Healer Division
    Head of Fielders
    Fielder Division
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Breakdown of Roles

The roles within Penumbra are divided as above. Most are self explanatory, but are discussed below:

Head of Science
A small collection of employees that are involved in keeping the Science Division running properly. Their uniform has a special trim and symbol on the breast pocket for ease of identification.

Science Division
Covers scientific research. They look into published papers, prominent names in the industry, and make sure they are constantly keeping up to date on theories.

Head of Healers
A small collection of employees that are involved in keeping the Healer Division running properly.Their uniform has a special trim and symbol on the breast pocket for ease of identification.

Healer Division
Covers magical research. They look into papers published on magical theory, as well as doing magical research of their own.

Head of Fielders
A small collection of employees that are involved in keeping the Fielder Division running properly.Their uniform has a special trim and symbol on the breast pocket for ease of identification.

Fielder Division
Covers the acquisition of rights, and resources, meaning that all of the Divisions must bring their findings to them. They also handle financing for all of the levels of the organization.

Head of Caretakers
A small collection of employees that are involved in keeping the Caretaker Division running properly.Their uniform has a special trim and symbol on the breast pocket for ease of identification.

Caretaker Division
Covers security detail for the Penumbra staff and building.Also hired out to other events if needed.

Public Agenda

Penumbra's goal is to create functional, affordable medicine by combining magic and technology. Penumbra also creates skin care and cosmetics.


Offices, Research Labs, Abundant Finances, and Large Staff
The Edge of Perfection ™


  • Penumbra Organization Chart
    An organization chart displaying the main employees of Penumbra. This map displays the top employee for each section of the organization, and not every single employee.
Illicit, Front
Alternative Names
Pen, Penumbra Pharmaceuticals
Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items
Related Items
Notable Members

Further Reading

Ciel Sickness
Condition | Sep 20, 2018

A largely unknown disease, caused by Penumbra's mysterious chemical Ciel

Item | May 18, 2020

A magi-tech drug being created to help humanity.

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The Beginning

  • The Beginning of it All

    Creation of Penumbra

    The beginning of a search for the means to cure it all.

    Additional timelines
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  • Humble Beginnings

    Assembling Primary Staff
    Gathering / Conference

    A small staff, working toward Penumbra's goals. It is beyond an idea now.

    Additional timelines
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  • Primary Successes

    Skincare and Cosmetic Sales
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    A release of products across a variety of markets; All boasting minor to moderate healing abilities along with ease of use.

    Additional timelines
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  • Needing More Help

    Assembling Secondary Staff
    Gathering / Conference

    Staff needs begin to boom.

    Additional timelines
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  • Huge Successes

    Penumbra's Healing Spreads
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    From a small company, to something far greater, Penumbra now is a well known and respected brand of healing products and life improvement items.

    Additional timelines
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  • Sudden Loss

    Penumbra's Loss
    Life, Death

    Penumbra's leader, Casina, is shaken by the loss of a family member. This causes her to lose herself in research, as she begins to attempt the unthinkable...

    Additional timelines
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  • A Dark Path...

    CIEL Conceptualized

    CIEL, a drug that would be able to ideally cure all diseases, is pitched by Penumbra's founder, Casina Grace.

    Additional timelines
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CIEL Soul Experiments

Experimentation for the Perfect Medicine


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