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Kiss of Dis

The fledgling Circle learns of the location of a small slave market set up in The Scrabbles .

Plot points/Scenes

AFter leaving Daiche , the Red Lantern will come across the village of Taloren , where K'lrrt 's ship is docked. K'llrt took Morkai , guarded by Mange and Leeta , deeper into the Servos Jungle , headed in the direction of cursed Kaer Whipvine .   The entirety of the Sons of Servos are located at the kaer. The "jungle t'skrang" that raid Taloren are actually members of the Sons, who help keep invaders away from the kaer itself (therefore the party should encounter these "primitive" t'skrang before finding the kaer itself).   Inside are only a few rooms still accessible. There is a main common room, which acts as the general barracks for the Sons. Off the main room is a smaller kitchen and eating area on one side and a shrine that was once dedicated to Erendis, but is now dedicated to Kiss of Dis Session 1 Report . At the far end of the common area is a pile of rubble. leading deeper into the kaer itself.   There is no door to the kitchen / dining area. Off of the kitchen area is a small room with a wooden door that is used by the Sons as storage and a treasury. Here's a chest (locked, TN 9. The chest is also trapped with a Dart Trap ). Inside is a Last Chance Salve, 800gp and a Booster Potion.   In the shrine are six cages, one of which contains Morkai , chained and gagged, and waiting to be sacrificed to Dis (Mad Passion) . A large cauldron in front of the statue of Dis is being heated, filled with molten silver, which will be used to consecrate Morkai while she's still alive, burning her to death. It is here that the PCs will face K'lrrt and his baboon guards Mange and Leeta . The silver can be scavenged and is worth 1,400 silver to the right merchants.



After having met up elsewhere in Kratas , Kalen , Krilong , Whisperprose and Neil's character have discovered the location of a quickly set up slave market in an abandoned house in the Scrabbles. Krilong suspects the slave house might be run by an agent of a group of riverboat pirates named the Sons of Servos and came to Kratas seeking allies. He found them not long after arriving as both Neil's character and Wisperprose find the practice of slavery abhorrent (we can get into deeper details as to how y'all actually get together along with how you bring Kalen in later maybe?). Soon the fledgling band of heroes were on their way deep into dangerous maze of broken down houses in The Scrabbles , looking for the slave market.   After a few hours of searching, they finally located the house in question. Dispatching the two guards outside, they entered the house and located one of the slaves, an elven woman ( Ashta Yam-Tong ), bound and gagged, that looks as though she was going to be sold as a "pleasure slave." After killing the guards and the slaver watching over her, they begin the process of freeing her....   And that's where we will begin....(and don't worry, her equipment is in a chest in this very



To stop K'lrrt .



Dart Trap

Detection: 15; Disarm: 8
Initiative: 13 / d12+d10
Trigger: Opening the Lid Box

Effect: The darts strike the victim, each causing Step 6/d10 damage, with Phsical Armor proving protection. If the victim take sany damage, the Shadowmant Venom that coats them takes effect.

Shadowmant Venom

Type: Damage; Effect Step 10

Onset Time: Instant; Interval 10/1 round

Duration: Until Healed

Plot type
The party forms and faces slavers
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