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Journey to Netehiri

Everyone's heard of the Shattering. Now, people say they've found a path through the storm. Just imagine all that gold, ripe for the taking. Only thing standing between us and fortune is a few Exiled. What's the worst that could happen?   The last recorded words of Io the Adventurer
  Find fortune among the bones of the ancient city Netehiri   The antediluvian city of Netehiri was once a shining gem of the underworld, famed for its great wealth. Now, it lies shattered on the Surface after calamity destroyed it, all its plunder baking beneath the sun. The howling winds of radiation that rage around it have entered a lull and rumors are spreading of a path through to Netehiri. Riches and glory awaits those bold enough to claim it.   The Journey to Netehiri is an adventure for 4 to 5 players around level 5. It works best with PCs of either Good alignment, or at least some motivation for money. It serves as an introduction to the world of Araea, taking the players from the city of Mharaji in the Inner Shell and all the way to the blighted Surface, facing cannibalistic Exiled and irradiated blight-zones.    


There's a job for you here, if you want it.  
  • Ivory Rose, Kaia-Kotiro of the Seekers
  • The PCs begin in the city of Mharaji and through their exploits have come to the attention of the Seekers, the largest guild of Kaia in Mharaji. The Kaia-Kotiro, the leader of the Seekers, have asked to meet them and will greet them in her workshop. It is the mix of a mad scientists workshop and the home of an avid explorer, with schematics, curiosa and mechanical bits scattered around. Her name is Ivory Rose.  
    Kaia-Kotiro, the Seeker
    Rank/Title | Oct 15, 2018

    The leader of the Kaia Guild known as the Seekers

      Rose will tell the players of the Shattering of Netehiri; a once great city whose greed and arrogance brought it destruction. All its fabled treasure still lie among its ruins and now, the Seekers believe that they have found a path through the irradiated surface wasteland to the city itself. But the Kaia are cave-explorers and have no expertise on the surface. That is where the PCs come in.  
    The Shattering of Netehiri
    Organization | Jan 7, 2019

    Once deep under the earth, now barren in the irradiated sunlight, the ancient city of Netehiri awaits the bold to explore its bones.

      Rose will offer to fund an expedition for the PCs and aid with selling whatever they find there for a cut of the profits as well as information about Netehiri. She will offer the PCs 2000 gp up front, to help acquire any equipment they might need. A bonus will be paid for any maps they bring back.   The Kaia-Kotiro is not unreasonable and can be bartered with. Should the players attempt to negotiate for more pay, it is a Persuasion (DC 15) roll. If the PCs are successful, she will provide them with three Potions of Blight Resistance as well; brews of her own invention.  
    Potion of Blight Resistance  
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    This thick, unpleasant smelling liquid is a deep, black color and tastes similar to tar.   When you drink this potion, you gain an Advantage to all rolls to resist the effects of Radiation and cannot become infected with Radiation Sickness for 8 hours. Should you already have Resistance to radiation, you become fully immune for the duration.

    Journey towards the Sun

      Once the PCs have accepted the quest, they must figure out a way to get to the surface. Ivory Rose can provide the PCs with what she considers the best path, through Mharaji's ' "Crown" and up to the Outer Shell village of Thurn.   The PCs can also roll Survival at DC 16 to see if they know of any different paths. On success, they know of a shortcut that will cut the 2 week journey in half but requires the PCs to climb a steep shaft. Either path should take them to Thurn and serve as an opportunity to introduce them to some of the geography of Araea and the difficulties of the underworld. It is rarely a straight path, but often involves climbing or shimmying along ledges and bypassing ravines or drops.   But it also a place of wonder and beauty. Bio-luminescent fungi, super-heated crystals or veins of magma provide light in the dark tunnels and strange mushrooms dot the floor and walls.  
    by Justin Oaksford
      Thurn is a small town of maybe a thousand citizens that spans a small chasm, not too far from an open rift that leads directly to the Surface. It survives mainly on hunting and prospecting rare Surface materials and selling them down to the deeper cities. Heavy or rare equipment will not be found in Thurn, but they have both the knowledge and equipment to venture above.  

    To be continued

      Past Thurn, the players will get to the Surface itself and follow the trail towards Netehiri. Dangers await them in the wasteland, from desperate Exiled to the fearsome beasts.  
    Continue to Part 2: The Cannibal's Kingdom

    Radiation Mechanics

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    An ever-present danger on the Surface World is that of radiation, also known as Blight.   PCs who find themselves inside an area of Blight is subject to a Constitution save at a DC and interval that depends on the intensity of the radiation. Failing the check inflicts a Poisoned condition on the PC.   Light Radiation - DC 13, every two hours   Heavy Raditation - DC 16, every hour   Glow-in-the-Dark Radiation - DC 20, every 30 minutes.   Any player who fails three saves in a row become infected with the Radiation Sickness disease

    Radiation Sickness

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    It takes 1d4 days for the symptoms of radiation sickness to appear. They include nausea, weakness, fatigue and in sever cases loss of hair. Creatures suffering from Radiation Sickness must make a save at the end of each long rest at DC 15. On failure, the creature gains one level of exhaustion. In addition, the creature will only regain half the normal number of hit points from resting.   Humanity in Araea are tough and have adapted to the universal presence of low-grade radiation. Should they succeed in three saves in row, they have shaken the Radiation Sickness.

    Random Encounters - Caverns

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    1. 1d4+1 bandits
    2. 1d2 Snapper-Shrimp
    3. Rival Kaia
    4. 1d6+3 Angry Doom-Shrooms
    5. 1 Mind-Hunting Shrike
    6. 1d3 Swarms of Hatter Ticks
    Once on the Surface, the PCs will more then likely have to deal with the Exiled; unfortunate souls banished from the caves and forced to live on the irradiated surface. They can be either friend or foe, depending on their situation and the players approach.  
    The Exiled
    Ethnicity | Jan 31, 2020

    Banished from the safety of the deep and forced to wander the surface wasteland, the Exiled eke out a meagre living amongst mutation, cannibalism and desperation.


    Cannibals & Cultists

      The ruins of Netehiri is home to tribes of Exiled who have lived on the Surface for generations, enduring radiation and monsters. The Atakhara tribe currently control the city and feast on their enemies. Of any Exiled the PCs are sure to fight once on the path to Netehiri, the Atakhara are a good bet.  
    by Dash_Ravu
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    by Hinchel Or
    Mind-Hunting Shrike, after possessing a victim.

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