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King Ugum Highboot

King Ugum Highboot

Ugum Highboot rallied us, we who were under the boots of the Mountain Dwarf. Us Hill Dwarf's didn't belong in the dark halls. We didn't want to be forced into a life of labour and mining. We wanted to see the world, enjoy ourselves! About three thousand of us left the halls of the Second Step that day, founding Kirboldir a few months later. It was Ugum who guided us through the Shadowback and he who dealt the killing blow to the black dragon standing in our way. Long live the king! - Chronicles of Kirboldir Volume I, Muirmund Penwrite.

Physical Description

Facial Features

A large nose and big brown beard.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ugum grew up in the dwarven city of Second Step, located inside the Three Steps Mountain. Like most of his kind, he began to work in the mines upon reaching adulthood. But similar to his family, he never really enjoyed mining, preferring activities like music, philosophy and drinking over the hardworking life of most dwarfs. He decided to take matter into his own hands, rallying those with similar views and eventually leading them away from Second Step, to found a city based on his own values.   This city became known as Kirboldir, located in the hilly terrain at the foot of the Shadowback. The dwarfs living in this city became known sa Hill Dwarf's. Ugum Highboot was crowned it's first king and stayed in power until his death in 341 aA.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ugum is known for leading the Hill Dwarf's away from their Mountainous home and founding the city of Kirboldir. Not only did he rally many dwarfs to his cause, he also overcame many dangers on the way, from the cold mountainpeaks to a black dragon blocking their path. He and his warriors killed this dragon and that became the place Kirboldir was founded.

Morality & Philosophy

Ugum believes that other activities should exist next to work and that work should be fun, not a daily struggle to get through but an activity people can look forward to. Along with this he's a staunch proponent of forging your own path: if you don't like the ways things are going, go your seperate way, but do so peacefully. Do not try and topple the existing rule, but start your own alongside with it. According to critics, this believe is too idealistic and leaves those not able to leave against oppression on their own.

Personality Characteristics


His ambition was to fulfill his moral goals: namely lead his people to a future that he envisioned, away from the work culture existing among Mountain Dwarf's.


Family Ties

Duhn Highboot - Son Tholdir Highboot - Grandson

Hill Dwarf
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Kirboldir
27 aA 341 aA 314 years old
Second Step, Three Steps Mountain
Long, curly, brown

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