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Regavi Ardhas

Tiasir Knight Regavi Ardhas

One of the founding members of the Circle of the Marked, Regavi Ardhas was born in a small village off the south coast of the Ràpà̃j Peninsula called Yelmultu Village.
  Widely known for his role in founding the town watch that eventually became the Circle, Regavi is a figure that goes down in national history.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in 19 BD, Regavi entered the world almost a century after the beginnings of the Starfall. The village he was born in, Yelmultu, wasn't one of the worst hit by monsters and disasters. It was located in a less boggy stretch of forest with well built walls. However, monster raids came every couple of months which always hurt a few people, and sometimes the fishing boats just wouldn't come back.

Regavi hated it. Not the people or the town, but the inevitability of it all. It felt like within the next ten or twenty years, they would all be dead, the whole village. Worse, it was probably true. When Regavi turned twenty, he and his friends had come to a decision: if no-one else was going fix things, they would. Together the five of them formed the Yelmultu Watch, and together they would eraticate the monsters surrounding the town. If it weren't for the fact that Ardhas and Masi Feurir had awakened their Marks , they would have died easily.

However, they had awakened them, and that made all the difference.

The early years were hard. While Marks granted their users greater magical stores and skills, Marks were rarer in this era. No one knew how to train a Marked, how to draw out the unique magics they were gifted. Without this knowledge, Regavi had power but little ability to direct it. But as the months wore on, all of the Watch grew in skill slowly but surely.

In 3 AD, they reached their first major victory: the local monsters' nest had been located and destroyed. With the nest gone, the remaining monsters were scattered and weak, and even the normal village guards could take care of them. The Watch now had a choice, stay in their village to protect it, or continue to eradicate monsters elsewhere. Famously, the future Esas Knight Delas, who was the youngest of the group at 17, wanted to stay in Yelmultu. Regavi denied her, and gave a furious speech in response. "If we stay here in our safe village, how long til the other villages fall? How long til the monsters elsewhere find us again? We have started this group and now we have to see it through." Soon after, the group journeyed north, to other villages and towns in need.
As they journeyed though, destroying nest after nest, stopping raid after raid, the group found more and more members for their group. All of these members were Marked, and those original members who had none awakened their own. This series of coincidences unsettled Ardhas, calling it "million to one1," though none of the other members found anything wrong with this. It was a point of dissension, that would later lead to Regavi splintering off from the Circle.

Despite this unease, the groups journey across the peninsula was going well. Eventually, a full dozen members of the group had joined, and it was with that that the name changed to the Circle of the Marked. The name represented the larger picture that the group was now accountable to, rather than just their hometown.
Don't you think that its odd how many Marked we have seen? How many wish to join us for that matter? To see even one Marked is rare, for a dozen... It is a million to one, and yet here we are.
— Regavi Ardhas
From here, information about Regavi's life begins to trail off, whether in history books or legends. Regavi was there as Rubefià was founded, but he had begun to take a back seat in leading the group by this time. After the founding, its said that Ardhas went deeper into the Wastelands, not wanting to only lead a country but help people directly. More likely is that Regavi retired to the mountains, wishing a peaceful life after all the work he had done.

Personality Characteristics


Sick and tired of the Starfall's despair, Ardhas wanted to at least fortify the area he lived. If his town was safe, no longer raided weekly, then perhaps he could have the time for other pursuits.
However, whatever those other pursuits were, Ardhas never had the chance to pursue them. Responsible to the last, once it became obvious that he had set something in motion, Regavi had to see it through.

Virtues & Personality perks

Determined, hard worker, if he starts a task he will see it through.

Vices & Personality flaws

Stubborn, increasingly superstitious.

1: Originally 'yalishi deza ràr feurir revijià' which translates to 'two stars in the night-river.' Its an old turn of phrase with two meanings, both of which were very relevant at the time. The first meaning is the full phrase 'it would be as likely as choosing the same star in the sky twice'. The second more hidden meaning is that while something might be unlikely, Tràyalià's domain is both the stars and fate. It might be a million to one chances, but could just as easily be one to one if she wishes it.
It was this exact suspicion that haunted Ardhas for the rest of his days.
19 B.D. 62 A.D. 81 years old
Yelmultu Village
Medium Brown
Light brown, almost blond, short
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
The Circle of the Marked
Organization | Dec 6, 2018
Mark of the Bright
Myth | May 14, 2019

Legend of the First Mark

Rubefià Empire
Organization | Jul 27, 2018

Dying Empire, Center of the Continent


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