The Marked

Tràyalià's Chosen Constellations

The Marked are a magical phenomena that have been recorded across the ages. Those humans 'marked' by Tràyalià would be granted great magical powers. On their body would appear an emblem that represents the stars that they draw this power from. Eighty-eight of these Marks exists in total, though half are badly recorded, with little known about them.

Magic of the Mark

The Marked have greater magic than their peers to go along with the Mark itself. On average a Marked individual will be about twice to three times more powerful than before. Most of this power can be seen in their higher innate reserves of magic. This high reserve is very important after the Starfall, as they can produce more magic without dipping into reserves. This means that Mana Deficiency is very rare, but in recorded cases, always fatal. Replenishing such large stores of magic without ambient magic to help is nearly impossible.
More importantly, a Mark grants a person a specialty. Many ordinary spells are impossible for a Marked, while a Marked can do some things to extent of near myth. For example the Vàrij Marked can create small fire constructs the size of an arrow that won't burn their hands. Its said that facing its holder on the battlefield was like facing a meteorite storm, with every meteorite hitting the heart. On the other hand, its also said that the Vàrij Marked couldn't even light a campfire for all their might.  

Marks in History

The Marked can be found dotting histories pages. Though whether they are fated to be important or if the power makes someone important is hotly debate by scholars. The Circle of the Marked is one of the largest and most pivotal of these examples. Every member of the Circle was Marked, and to this day holders of similar marks are often recruited by Rubefià Empire. Rubefià was founded by the Circle and considers them like saints.
Besides that, Ràbiseu Kingdom chooses their monarch based on whether or not they have the Pažo Mark. The Mark is one of the most frequently appearing Marks in history, appearing once a generation. With the death of the previous ruler it appears on another. Usually the inheritor is the oldest heir in the royal family, but several times the Mark has been in the hands of others. In these cases, the new monarch is installed on the throne, and married into the royal family.  

Research into the Mark

The Mark is one of the greatest magical mysteries studied today, only outclassed by the cause of the Starfall. While the study of the Marks powers abound across the continent, research into its origins is considered heretical in Rubefià. Thus, current theories can only be seen in the backroom of the Yiselxà Academia. The most popular theory is the Mark is created by an imbalance in the ambient magic, which would be the reason so many more have appeared since the Starfall. However, no evidence has been found, and investigations have stalled.

Extremely Rare
Affected Species
Mark of the Bright
Myth | May 14, 2019

Legend of the First Mark

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That aside, the article looks like a good basis. There are a couple of points that had me confused though - Does 'The Mark' refer to a specific marking (I.e., the Pazo Mark), or is it intended as a generic term for any of the marks? What other marks are there aside from the Pazo mark? Does the mark bestow any actual power or is it just an aesthetic marking?

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It supposed to be a general term for marks in most contexts, yes. There are a total of 88 Marks, one for each real world constellation. And the mark grants enough power to raise most people above the rest, in general. There are a few exeptions however. The magic granted by a Mark tends to be more narrow in focus than natural magic, in exchange for power and expertise. I'll add a section explaining all that in the article!

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I'll add a section explaining the power, but to summarize, its usually a stronger magic that is thematically appropriate for their mark. Thank you for the favorite!!

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