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One of the three main inhabitants of the Yatràpà Continent, humanity has its blessing purely in magic. Where birdkin can fly and rabbitkin have their speed and senses, humans rely on their magic to do the job. Furthermore, the Marked have stronger affinity for magic beyond that.

  Despite this, humans considered to have the worst luck of any on the continent, only doing well before something else comes to make things worse. Humans were the worst hit by the the Starfall, after all.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Humans comprise the majority of the population in the mainland of Yatràpà Continent. Thus, the main human civilizations are Rubefià Empire, and Yiselxà Academia.

Average Technological Level

General Tech level is around renaissance, but medical and farm technologies are more Victorian due to the use of magic.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Most humans speak either Rubefiàn or Minyi. In smaller towns near the Vashes Desert one can still find people who speak Obeyåuian.

Historical Figures

70 years
Related Ethnicities

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