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The Voidwalkers

Beware the dark woods, and the moonless nights.
Tread softly in the dark ravines, where smart travelers take flight.
It is in those empty places that the Voidwalkers make their home.
Crystal horns on their brows, eyes dark and vacant like the lands they roam.
— Old traditional rhyme
  Those who walk in the voids between society and nature, in pure magic, are referred to as the Voidwalkers in myth and legend. Deeply feared today, the Voidwalkers are a warning to those who spend too long in the unnatural dark.


Long standing myth and rumor says that people twisted by the Void, overcome by Mana Poisoning do not merely die, but are turned into the Voidwalkers. The Voidwalkers are characterized primarily by purple and silver eyes, and crystal horns atop their heads. They have always been a cautionary tale, of how travelers shouldn't stray too far from the path, and how one should always be careful as magic is as dangerous as it is useful.
In recent years, Voidwalkers are more of the monster that hides under the bed than anything. Parents warn children that the Voidwalkers are in woods waiting to kidnap them, and turn them into another of their kind.

Historical Basis

Its thought by some the titular Voidwalkers may be outcome of a sentient turning into a monster. Descriptions of the horns match that of crystallized magic, which implies that horns are related to the transformation in some manner. Not much is known on that front as if anyone were to be lost in that manner, they would likely be struck from the records.


Some form of this myth exists in all places people live. The most detailed versions of the myth are only in RubefiĆ , and in along the mountains.
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Grandmaster PBE
William Belley
28 Jul, 2019 07:00

Oh, i like those shadowy types.   Since it seems like a magic-related transformation, is it something parents use to discourage children from practicing magic ? And since it's linked to birdkin/rabbitkin, are the shapes told to have their body structure/silhouette too ?   Happy Summercamp! You're getting close to 30 !

29 Jul, 2019 03:23

Thank you!!!
There's probably some parents who use it that way, and a lot use it as a tale denouncing 'the evils' of void magic. Its mostly a 'don't stray from the path' story, but I'm sure its not limited to that. And yes! I didn't go into it, but some of them are birdkin/rabbitkin with the main addition being horns for each of them.