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Rabbitkin are the third major sentient species on Yatràpà Continent. Rabbitkin wield Lunar Magic, otherwise known as illusions.

Basic Information


Rabbitkin look much like humanity with the addition of rabbit ears, and a very short tail. Some also have fur on their back and shoulders.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Rabbitkin have slightly stronger night vision than average. Naturally, this means that bright lights are often blinding. Sunglasses and other sun-guards are a common feature on bright days, especially when it snows.
Additionally, Rabbitkin have a stronger sense of smell, which some believe is because of their ability to create illusions. Illusions are very difficult to produce in anything but the sense of sight, thus it was developed so they could know their own illusions from reality. Of course, while this is a common folk tale, no one truly knows for sure. What is for sure is that as a result, Rabbitkin often prefer food that doesn't smell strongly. Some still like them, but most do not.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The largest country associated with Rabbitkin is Vutteisia in the Koni Mountains, but other small nations can be found throughout the north.
Religion wise, almost all Rabbitkin worship Sirdulluin, but many are apart of different churches and sects. The largest three are the knowledge, cycle, and midnight sects. While politically the three are often opposed to each other, in society people pray to whichever suits their needs the best. Many magicians are trained by the knowledge sect, but then some will go on to worship at the midnight sect for blessing in battle, or to mourn a loved one.
The balance between the three often determines the political climate in the north and a smart politician will try to keep all three happy rather than to raise only one church on a pedestal. Some have attempted to convert most of their country to one or the other in the past, only to end in disaster. Today, religious restrictions are loose, and many who prefer less popular religions have moved to Rabbitkin territories for that reason alone.
As one moves south into human and Birdkin territory, more worship the trinity of Sirdulluin, Lechai̯, and Tràyalià. This trinity is one of the popular religions throughout the continent, and many worshipers from all races and backgrounds.

Common Myths and Legends

The Rabbitkin are said to be created by Sirdulluin, the moon deity.
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