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Leiyduen Order

The Leiyduen Order is one the three main sects of Sirdulluin worship in the north.
  Leiyduen believe that Sirdulluin had granted Rabbitkin illusions in order to protect and archive the secrets of the world. Night is when secrets reign and is thus under the deity's domain. Therefore, Leiyduen Order teaches all Rabbitkin how to use illusions, and has collected information and secrets for thousands of years. Most of the information is only known to a select few, but even their public libraries remain the largest in the world.


Those in the order generally collect and preserve knowledge. To destroy a piece of information is seen as a sin. Other than that, much of the complexity of their ethics come down to secrets. When is a secret allowed to be told? What is a secret, and what is merely lost information? The answers to these questions are of great debate and differences can be seen at different temples of the order.
However, while telling people of a secret when they shouldn't is wrong, if a secret is lost by not telling enough, that is a far worse sin.

Sirdulluin's light shines to reveal what is in the dark

Founding Date
Around 1800 BD
Religious, Organised Religion


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