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Sirdulluin Church

The Sirdulluin church is all those who worship Sirdulluin in general.
It can be broken up into three main sects: knowledge, cycles, and night.The knowledge sect focuses on gathering secrets, and spreading knowledge. The line between the two can be thin at times depending on which church you go to.
The cycles sect is the strictest of the three, with rituals for each major stage of the moon cycle. Only by syncing themselves with their deity can they achieve peace and harmony. On a wider scale, they also have observances for the cycle of day and night, and the seasons.
The last sect, the night sect, is less popular than its cousins. Generally worshiped by combat illusionists, thieves, and undertakers, the night sect call upon Sirdulluin to guide them through the darkness of night. Cemeteries often call upon this aspect for funerals.

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