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Followers of Revijna

Few and far between, the followers of Revijna, the old religion, are seen as instigators and worse by the general population on Yatràpà Continent. Revijna is the worship of Tràyalià and Shàsna as equals. Often as husband and wife or as siblings. Modern depictions show the Void God as only chaos or destruction, but the followers of the Revijna faith perceive their religion in far more complex terms. Naturally, they are hated for going against common belief.

The Revijna Beliefs

As mentioned above, Revijna follows the union between stars and sky. Typically, modern depictions focus on Shàsna's destruction domain, and his role in shattering the balance between light and dark in the first age. However, Revijna is a holdover of older beliefs. Shàsna was originally a god of change rather than blind destruction. Tràyalià lights the path, while Shàsna changes the fate of those who deserve it. Typically, people would pray to Shàsna for help winning a losing battle, or surviving an illness. Some would even pray to change the heart of a would be lover.

However, the Starfall changed all this. It is with that great catastrophe that people's philosophies divided. To anyone who knew Void magic, it was obvious that it was involved somehow. Given Shàsna's control of Void magic, people desperate for someone to blame latched on to his religion. The Starfall was an act of the gods, the Void god was bringing the world down, and of course, this was all his fault.

Of course, it might be his fault, there was no evidence either way. Despite that, some communities stayed loyal to the religion they were raised on. Instead of it being Shàsna's fault, something has gone wrong and the Void God is dying. No Void magic works, no prayer is answered, and if the balance isn't broken, what else can they call the Starfall? Revijna worshipers are thus in mourning for their god, rather than hating. They hope that with consistent prayer perhaps their god can be rejuvenated.


Revijna believers can be found in small communities throughout the Koni Mountains, and on the north coast. A few Revijna are scattered in the main capitals in the south, but leave quickly. If any locals found out their beliefs they would target them.


Revijna /ʁeˈβɪjna/
Means roughly void sky or dark sky, revijna is a reference to the sky between the stars. Population
Encompassed species
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Void God

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Star Goddess


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Jul 8, 2018 00:22 by Malkuthe Highwind

Ahh. This is a good read. It definitely plays to the pattern of people wanting to find things to blame in the event of catastrophes and the like. I'd certainly like to know more about these people. Not to mention, the Starfall, in particular, seems like a very interesting event!

Jul 8, 2018 00:26 by Mint

Thank you! Its definitely a pattern. I'll try to write a bit more about them soon! I'm thinking about writing about one of their more 'major' settlements soon!
And the Starfall is one of the big cornerstone events of the world, and actually, I ought to link to its event page.

Jul 8, 2018 01:19 by Johann Duarte

I find interesting that your god is probably dead and not in activity, specially because his followers are hated. I mean, why to hate someone who prays to a dead god? Being dead he can't do neither good or evil... Unless something works differently in your world, of course.

Jul 8, 2018 01:32 by Mint

Well, while his worshipers suspect that he's dead, conventional belief has turned him into more of a devil figure. One that's alive, specifically. That's why most people still hate that god so much: with no proof either way, they believe he's alive and behind every bad thing for the past thousand years. Its easier to keep moving when you have a reason behind a tragedy, if Shasna was dead then he would be as much a victim as them.

Jul 8, 2018 02:09 by Terry-Lynn L

ooh, intriguing! I like how they represented something else and then society tweaked it and changed their minds. Youve done a very good job at showing how changes in life can change how people view Gods.

Jul 8, 2018 02:14 by Mint

Thank you! I wanted to make sure that like everything else, you could feel the passage of time with the religions. Sometimes a story has a religion that never changes over thousands of years, but in reality they do! People change, and then how they view the religion changes.