Vigor Mortis

Leader of the Killjoy Misfortune Party, compulsive rhymer

Written by Ademal

V'ktore Makua Mortaux

Vigor Mortis is the founder of the The Killjoy Misfortune Party and is featured in The Tale of The Killjoy Misfortune Party  
A dark-skinned BleakHeart appeared on screen. Implant incisions and jagged scars mapped his visage, and a skull pattern of acid burns pitted and paled his face.   Despite those attempts to the contrary, Vigor was a handsome man. He was cleanly and casually dressed; his eyes were kind, though somber; his voice was upbeat, if exhausted. He spoke in a single breath, though not breathlessly.   "Who's this? Oh! Riss, friend of Shathru-Nis. A surprise, unless eyes lie. I'm remiss, I thought you'd meet your end."
— The Jupiter Message, Book 1 Chapter 6


V'ktore was born to a minor political family based out of Voda-Shaddai. He hated the notion of becoming a politician and escaped to the Capital Wayships of Hedon, the Exalted Rose, where he became embroiled in the culture, fell in love with it, fell in love with Brak, and embarked on the Pilgrimages of Luxury so that he could gain access to the Inferno within the Malebolge at the heart of the Exalted—for it is within the Inferno that The Ultimate Craving is held.


Though Vigor was diligent and dedicated in the Pilgrimages, what he saw and experienced at each of the point of pilgrimage undercut his certainty in his quest. By the time he arrtived at Malebolge his seed of doubt had flourished, and he longed to go home.   Against his better judgement, he, Brak, and the friends they had made along the pilgrimage entered the Malebolge. What they saw within is unknown, but V'ktore could not stand it, and tried to escape with Bran and his friends. Brak fought him as V'ktore dragged him out.


The doors of Malebolge closed behind them. V'ktore tried to get Brak to a ship but Brak got away from him and V'ktore was left to escape on his own. He did not remember escaping, only arriving on Voda-Shaddai some time after.   Brak tried to regain entrance to the Malebolge, and was nearly undone by trying to redo the Pilgrimage when Desire approached him.  
Never will you see Malebolge again so long as V'ktore lives.
  Brak found a new and terrible purpose in those words.   Meanwhile, V'ktore established The Killjoy Misfortune Party, formed of Hedonites who believed in Hedon but felt it was time for Desire to step down or to die. They organized slowly and carefully, gaining assets, connections, and power. He drew attention for his strange speech pattern, something which had developed after the trauma of entering the Malebolge.   Harangued by guilt over Brak and sadness over what happened that day, V'ktore lost himself to drugs. They reacted badly to V'ktore's delicate BleakHeart temperament, and made him very sickly. Fearing for his life, he turned to Kyzanry to prolong his life should his body die, and is thought to be pursuing other alternatives to restore his health.   He took on the moniker of Vigor Mortis, and so made himself known as the leader of those who stood against Desire.
I'm Vigor Mortis, a speedballing undead positively wrecked in the head, enamored with alliteration, clamoring for vindication, validation, veneration.
  Vigor and his Killjoys were poised to break out into the larger stage, when Brak attacked.


Brak came while Vigor slept. He attacked with his choice weapons of acid, and painted it onto Vigor's face in the shape of the skull facepaint he'd worn when he was a Hedonite—a symbol taken on to represent his BleakHeart nature.   With lungs hurt by the acid, and with an everlasting sickness caused by the drugs, Vigor fell into weakness, and into hiding. The Killjoys would have to bide their time, and wait for the right moment to attack.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Unlike most people in Ethnis, Vigor does not possess fully functional regeneration, an unfortunate side-effect of one of his BleakHeart mutations. His many implant and surgery scars mar his handsome face, as does a skull-print pattern burned into his skin when Brak smeared acid into his face.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Following his encounter with Desire in Malebolge, Vigor began to speak in a strange cadence with a rolling internal rhyming scheme. He will repeat certain sounds multiple times across multiple words and phrases until he finds a new sound to fixate on.

Morality & Philosophy

Vigor believes that Desire is the root of all of Hedon's woes, that the Party will be greater and more inclusive without her presence. He seeks to usurp and slay her and her princes, and any lieutenants who are unwilling to convert.   For him, the ends do not justify the means. He will not kill civilians in his quest.

Personality Characteristics


Vigor's lifelong goal is to kill Desire and free Hedon from her rule so that it can more truthfully hold to its own values and live on as a value of independence, consent, and expression.  
...I'll destroy with ardor her Order of Disorder for disordering that order of honor and trust, madness and lust, and, in the sadness and dust which remains of that Order, order an order of that Order's remains, itself entertained with oughting what not and not-ing what ought so long as chaos itself is constrained...


Vigor Mortis

Vigor is the ex-boyfriend and prey of Brak (Vital)

Towards Brak




Brak is the ex-boyfriend and hunter of Vigor (Vital)

Towards Vigor Mortis




Ex-Lovers with a rift driven between them by Desire's tampering.

Nicknames & Petnames

Brak used to call Vigor silver tongue for his wit and eloquence.
Vigor used to call Brak hound dog because of Brak's... appetite.

Shared Secrets

The have seen the inside of Malebolge

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Vigor Mortis Scanmap
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Current Residence
Unknown. Vigor moves frequently.
Presented Sex
Bisexual with a male lean
Gender Identity
Metrosexual Male
Dark, with glowing magenta Eyeshine Implants.
Black, well-kempt, and styled.
5'7" Imperial
1.7m Metric
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • Ubiq
  • Consenti
Character Prototype
Kid Cudi or Donald Glover

Broken hearted

Once I had Brak, and my life was on track, our love was a knife holding sadness back, but now sorrows the means and the madness attacks.
— Vigor

Vigor is forever tormented by the pain of his failed relationship with Brak, which he claims is the only time in his life he was ever happy.

Character | Dec 27, 2021

Vigor's Hunter and Ex. "I am Trash."

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