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The First Mage

The Wise Miridin

Miridin the Wise was the first Mage born in the world. A high elf with a natural gift for wielding magic, the first of many, and the founder of the Mage's College. Young Miridin was looked upon with fear at first. Man had never seen magic except from the gods. But Miridin was able to use his magic for the benefit of those around him; healing the sick, mending broken materials, and entertaining small children with fantastical light shows. As he aged his powers grew and he found himself capable of more powerful spells, and with more mages being born he decided some rules needed to be laid down to protect those that were not mages. Thus he founded the Mage's College. All those born with magical ability and prowess were trained under his tutelage. He made a great library full of scrolls and books on the different varieties of magic he came to discover. Some of the non mage born came to read in this library fascinated by the magic and dreams of what they could have been. Unforeseen by Miridin, many of these that came and studied his notes were able to begin using the magics that they studied. And so he opened his college to all who wished to learn the magic arts. He traveled all of Zahkeerum establishing more colleges and teaching those with an eagerness to learn the magic arts.   During the events of the Fey Plague, Miridin offered himself to Kazara as a sacrifice to cure all Fey. His body combusted into dust and blown about the plane, absorbed by all fey, rendering the disease inert. Subsequently, this magical cure extended the life of all Fey, much longer than any other race. His teachings, philosophies, and beliefs to always be remembered as the Savior of the Fey.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Founded the Mage's College

Personality Characteristics


To teach all the magical arts and warn them of the dangers to those around them.


Religious Views

Worshiped Kazara, God of Magic

Social Aptitude

Was very good with speaking to large crowds, but was ultimately a hermit who was more at home with his books and owl.


Would talk to his owl.

Hobbies & Pets

A pet owl named Archimedes.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Savior of the Fey
1000 CG 750 CG 250 years old
Midrona, Zahkeerum
Grey Blue
Long, tawny, golden
Quotes & Catchphrases
Magic is the greatest tool, but a tool is only as good as those that use it.
Aligned Organization

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