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Corin Shadowstep

Hero of Petrel's Roost Corin (a.k.a. Shadowstep)

The sorcerer-hero Corin Shadowstep rose to prominence after entering a magical duel with the ancient, imprisoned fire-titan Vilitha. His advanced techniques of shadow walking are, more than a thousand years later, unreproducible by modern mancers.   At the height of his power, Corin used his immense power to slam shut a portal leading to the Plane of Fire on the eve of an invasion by an army of powerful djinn. His final fate is unknown to history.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Corin Shadowstep was born to a woman whose name and history was unknown to his mothers in the dwarven weather observation post of Petrel's Roost, in the middle of the Stormbreaker Sea. This woman gave birth to a baby boy with pale hair and took ship the next day, leaving her newborn son behind.   The baby boy was adopted by two dwarven women who raised him to the best of their ability. When he began to manifest his magic, his mothers did their best to give him a space to flourish among a superstitious folk known for their wariness of magic.   He left his childhood home anyway, vanishing into the shadows much like the woman who carried him had on the day after his birth. Unlike that woman, though, he re-emerged as a legend.

Gender Identity

Scholars have long used masculine identifiers in reference to Shadowstep, and records remain in Petrel's Roost of a male child with his given name.


The only remaining example of Corin's own writing speaks of a strong desire to avoid passing his extraordinary abilities onto children. This writing details his research into the matter of heredity, his own asexuality, and contains the following direct quote from Shadowstep.
Even if I so desired to find a partner, I could not promise them the marriage bed.


Whether or not the Hero of Petrel's Roost ever obtained a magical education is a matter of intense debate among the scholars who study his life. It seems unlikely that such a force of nature could summon the powers he did without rigorous training.   That being said, his powers were said to be innate talents that had lain dormant within him until his coming of age. Many folk find similar (albeit much lesser) talents run in their bloodlines, emerging in times of stress or danger.


Corin's youngest years were spent fishing, running errands, and helping his mothers run their small general store in Petrel's Roost. It wasn't until he left the meteorological observatory that he began to devote himself to the study of his own powers, and it was this study that led him to understand his true measure of ability.
Current Location
Year of Birth
Lilac, wide and deep
Cut short, pale blond
178 lbs

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