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Karladron Hart

The team muscle and a reluctant noble.

King Karladron Hart (a.k.a. Karl)

Born in 776 ER to Florence Monroe and Giles Hart, Karladron "Karl" Hart was considered a miracle baby as it was believed that Florence was infertile. Growing up as an only child, Karl spent most days with his beloved uncle, Phillip Monroe (Florence's older brother). As an adult Karl found work as a tax collector; his naturally large build and arithmetic tutoring from his uncle made him the perfect candidate.   Unfortunately the day came when Karl’s uncle passed away leaving his entire estate to him; much to the dismay of Karl’s many cousins. Having inherited the great wealth and land of his esteemed uncle, Karl quit his occupation under the Queen and began his position as head of the Hart estate. Outside of maintaining the orchard production, Karl spent most of his days in leisure at the Illivani Hunter’s Lodge, idling between hunts. These quiet days went without trouble until Karl was approached by an adventurer named Ambrose François who brought him into an unwanted world of mystery and danger.   In 811 ER Karl was approached by Ambrose Francois in the hunting lodge outside Illivan. After agreeing to work together, the two tracked down the werewolves haunting Illivan and their leader, Giridharan Kalravani. Once Karl witnessed Ambrose burn Giridharan, he revealed the secrets of the Lantern to Karl. Soon after having learned the truth from Ambrose, both men were visited by an apparent specter of an elf named Veera that only they could see. The elf guided them to find a source of magic that supposedly could seal the Lantern for good.   Traveling together, Karl and Ambrose met a young mage named Chrysanthemum Ostander. Coincidentally the young girl was involved with a forest hag that was in possession of the magical source the men were looking for. In aiding Karl and Ambrose, Chrysanthemum drew the wrath of the hag who would kill her mother and father. Now orphaned, Chrysanthemum would begin to travel with Karl and Ambrose.   Now in possession of a word of power, Veera instructs the two men to return to Illivan so that they may begin the sealing ritual. Karl identifies a suitable area for the ritual to take place, Torvold's Mountain. On top of the lowly hill, with Illivan visible in the distance, the group begins their mission. As Ambrose cites the world of power, the lantern shatters. Veera, now visible to Chrysanthemum, reveals that she had been the mad god, Ogorian, the whole time. Following the storm of destruction that Ogorian unleashed upon the city Karl, Ambrose, and Chrysanthemum vow a pact to undo the terror they had wrought on the world.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes: hags, deep water


Contacts & Relations

Chrysanthemum Ostandar, Ambrose Francois, Soala'Sar

Social Aptitude

Confident, honest, generous.

Hobbies & Pets

Woodworking, Hunting, Pecans


Wealth & Financial state

Already affluent from his land holdings and pecan orchard in Illivan, after being crowned King of Rosara he gained the weath of the kingdom's treasury.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Rosara, Brother of the Seal
Year of Birth
776 ER 54 Years old
Current Residence
Short, Blonde
Known Languages
Mirisian (common), Elven (Soala dialect)
Ruled Locations

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