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Maria Petrello

Maria Petrello is famous for developing the education system used in most of the world. It is known as the "Butterfly System" because each stage of schooling is named after and "reflects" the life stage of a butterfly.   The first stage of school is the "Caterpillar Education". It lasts for 6 years, staring with children aged 5 and going until they are 10 years old. This is the "feeding" stage, where children are "fed" the essentials of writing and numeracy while interacting with their environment and developing their natural curiosity and creativity. Most of the lessons at this stage are student-run, in that the students choose the main topic of study for the semester, and teachers work the basic standard requirements within this topic (for example, if the students want to learn about fossils, teachers will have them write short stories about what the fossils would be like when alive, and have archaeology-related maths problems for them to solve).   The second stage of school is the "Pupa Education". It lasts for four years, taking children aged 11 to 14. This is considered a "transition stage" because students move on to have a set time-table with specific subjects and a more detailed curriculum. Students are also divided in classes of around 15-20, which stay the same throughout the year. They also have different teachers for each subject, who come their classroom at the designated period.   The third stage of school is the "Butterfly Education". It lasts for 3 years, taking teens aged 15 to 17/18. Upon leaving Butterfly education, students are usually considered adults. At this stage, the students have metaphorically "opened their wings" and set out to explore the world once again. They still have time-tables, but now each student makes their own based on what they want to study.   The Butterfly System is notorious for its emphasis on developing the students' curiosity, critical thinking, and desire to learn. All material covered is presented from the way it relates to the wider world, and even the strict subjects of the Pupa Education work closely together for a holistic understanding of complex matters.   Thanks to Maria Petrello, Felialma is now developing the leaders it needs to prosper for centuries to come.

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