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Katherine Duan (a.k.a. Marvelous)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Katherine was a fit woman of considerable height with wild and long black hair, thin lips, and a standard in shape albeit muscular build. She was O-Positive.

Body Features

Katherine had pale skin and dark hair that she wore in the 60s bombshell style. As a celebrity, she could afford to go out of the way for her hair. Her body shape was that of a standard woman: curvy, but not exaggerated. She'd also put on a lot of muscle as a result of working with the police.

Facial Features

Her face was heart-shaped and her eyes were medium in size, prominent, and narrow. She had thin lips with a sharp cupid's bow, thin, angled eyebrows, and a tall forehead.

Special abilities

  • Puppetry
Marvelous has the power to control people as if she was in their body. It wasn't mind control or possession or blood control, but something else entirely. It isn't easy to explain, but she could essentially control the movement of someone's body as if it was her own and they wouldn't able to stop her. There isn't a clear way for her to pick who she controls and is, instead, based on who is around her. Her powers can be disrupted if she is distracted or hurt and will temporarily wear off while she's being hurt.
In a bizarre twist, she has a harder time controlling the bodies of O-Positives because of the excess O-Radiation in their blood.

Apparel & Accessories

She had a mature style of dress, resembling a scholar. She liked to be perceived as intelligent and responsible.

Specialized Equipment

As Marvelous, she wears a simple costume of a bright green leotard with bare legs, heels, a short yellow cape, and all of it covered in purple acrylic gems. It was impractical and tacky, but people weren't as good at designing back then.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

At the age of 26, Katherine was digging by a riverbank in the wilderness of Vermont when she came across a crystal she could not identify. She brought a sample back home with her and began to study it. She was immediately fascinated and was excited to have been the sole discoverer on a new type of crystal. But, soon, she noticed that she was changing. After falling ill for a week, her eye color had changed to a bright, unnatural green, and she felt different than she had before. She could control bodies, like a puppet-master.

The world would come to call her "the marvelous woman of Iris Side" or "a marvel to mankind", but she stuck with simply "Marvelous".

At first, Marvelous had no real purpose. She'd show up to entertain, amaze people with her powers.
"Watch as the Marvelous Woman of Iris Side parts the crowd as Moses parted the waves."
Marvelous was loved by all but her younger brother, Lloyd, who preferred the regular Katherine to the Irregular Marvelous. He frequently begged her not to share her secret; not to tell anyone how she became superhuman. And she agreed.

It didn't stop more people like her popping up here and there. Oratic Crystal was already in circulation by mistake, dug up by people who didn't know any better.

Marvelous would become a part of the local law enforcement in 1969 after stopping a bank robbery. This is when she finally became a superhero. Of course, Lloyd was against it. He thought she'd be putting people in danger by going out there dressed in tights and a cape and using her powers on actual people. Regardless, she would become a legend. She was arguably more effective than the police themselves, putting up to a couple hundred of criminals in jail by the end of her first active year.

The rift between her and her brother wouldn't fully form until Lloyd was held hostage with a gun to his head by a man who wanted revenge for his father's arrest. In an effort to save him, she used her powers to make him shoot himself in the head, a decision to terrified Lloyd, who realized that if anyone ever wanted to stop her they would be completely unable to. She was too powerful. Marvelous told him that perhaps it was best that she couldn't be stopped, because then no one would be able to get away with their crimes. They got into a fight that night, covered in another man's blood, a fight that would end with neither of them speaking to each other ever again and with the creation of Achroma and the Silver Soldiers as a way to protect people from the danger superhumans put them in.

In 1974, Marvelous would encounter another O-Positive, a self-proclaimed nemesis of hers called "The Strike" with lightning-themed powers and a lust for blood. Their fight would mark a change the publicity of O-Positivity and the function of Achroma because, after the fight was over, both Marvelous and The Strike were dead as well as two-hundred-plus civilians and a portion of the city was completely demolished. Achroma would release propaganda about how she was a fraud and that her fight with The Strike was a publicity stunt gone horribly awry. O-Positives began disappearing off the streets and soon she and powers themselves were completely forgotten.

Gender Identity





Katherine was a certified geologist with a masters in geology.

She was self-trained in the art of combat after her powers developed.


While she originally worked as a geologist at a university, she did eventually switch over to the entertainment industry, amazing people with her incredible powers. She soon went into law enforcement as the first real superhero.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Katherine had a masters degree in geology.

Katherine was the first real superhero.

She discovered Oratic Crystal for the modern world.

She saved hundreds of people over the course of her career.

Failures & Embarrassments

Katherine's biggest failure resulted in her own death as well as the death of her opponent and surrounding citizens and the destruction of what would become lower Iris Side.

The amount of deaths she caused as Marvelous prior to her death should also be considered a failure.

She considered ruining her ralationship with her brother to be a failure as well.

Intellectual Characteristics

Katherine possessed very strong social understanding of people and their relationships, as well as a decent spacial understanding of the world around her. This are things she used to her advantage in conflict, especially in hostage scenarios.

Morality & Philosophy

Katherine only wanted to do what was right for the greater good. She believed that the majority of people should be protected and that she had the power to do that. Any who tried to stop her was against the protection of the innocent and needed to be put down.

Katherine was also known not to give second chances.

Personality Characteristics


She was initially motivated by fame, but when she switched to working with law enforcement and her brother was put in danger, she felt a genuine desire to protect people and prove herself after her fight with Lloyd. It's what made her take everything seriously; the fact that her brother was convinced she was a threat made it all the more clear that she had to be a hero.


Family Ties

Younger Brother
Lloyd Duan

Social Aptitude

She has a one-track mind and was very stubborn about her beliefs.


Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Marvelous Woman of Iris Side
A Marvel to Mankind
A One-of-a-Kind Babe
1944 1974 30 years old
Shape: Narrow, slightly Prominent
Size: Medium
Natural Color: Dark Brown
Oratic Color: Green
Cut: 60s Bombshell
Length: Long
Texture: Wavy
Color: Black
149 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"For light and for justice, nothing will stand in my way"
"Maybe it's a good thing that I can't be stopped."
Known Languages

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