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Public Agenda

The goal of Achroma is to minimize superhuman activity where it is most active. Due to the recent rise in the number of O-Positives, Achroma has begun to branch out and use superhumans against themselves. They have multiple divisions, including the Silver Division (silver enhanced soldiers) and Rainbow Division (O-Positives), that are specifically designed for the capture and containment of O-Positives. Achroma sees them as a menace and a danger to civilian life and has made it their goal to protect humanity from the scourge of inhumanity.


Achroma possesses a highly advanced research facility. They're capable of great scientific advancement, and most of them they've already accomplished remain private to the organization, such as nanotech and Oratic power. The Achroma headquarters is located in Iris Side and actually goes down into the ground instead of up as a way of staying secret.
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It also remains secret by using the O-Radiation produced by the O-Positives they've captured to power the building.

Two significant field divisions of Achroma are the Silver Division and the more recent Rainbow Division. The Silver Division, otherwise known as the Silver Soldiers, is a very large group of fighters between the ages of five and thirty-five who are specifically trained to capture O-Positives. They get their temporary enhancements through the use of Silver Compound. The Rainbow Division is a very new division of Achroma that was created because a group of young O-Positives managed to convince some well-meaning geneticists who'd been archiving them that they could use them instead of locking them away. The current Rainbow Division is just a test to see if this kind of system will work. The current head of the Silver Division doesn't like it.


Achroma was created by a man name Lloyd Duan, a man who'd witnessed the dangers of Oratic Crystal at a young age. His older sister, Katherine, had discovered and become fascinated with the crystal, and eventually developed O-Positivity as a result of her exposure. Her powers were incredible; she could control people. They would have no idea what happened Considered the first, and for a time only, instance of a superhero in the public eye, 'The Marvelous Woman of Iris Side' or simply 'Marvelous' would eventually switch from entertainment to law enforcement. After a couple of years fighting crime, Lloyd was held hostage by a man who wanted revenge for his father's imprisonment. He had a gun pointed at Lloyd's head, but Marvelous used her powers to make the man shoot himself. This would lead to a falling out between her and Lloyd, and Lloyd came to realize there was no way of stopping her; no normal person could interfere with her powers. He began to develop an idea of a group of specialized individuals to take down O-Positives should the need arise and in 1974 he finally made it a reality: an emergency task force called the Soldiers. Marvelous, meanwhile, would continue to fight crime, and it wouldn't be until another O-Positive revealed himself that the Soldiers had to be called into action. Calling himself 'The Strike', he could produce and manipulate lighting. The Strike was Marvelous' self-proclaimed arch-nemesis, a presumed fanboy-gone-mad, and he challenged her to a fight.

Having never fought another O-Positive before, because most of them either stay hidden or don't know of their own status, the confrontation ended with both Marvelous and The Strike dead, as well as two-hundred bystanders. Despite the Soldiers intervention, nothing could be done to stop them. They'd evacuated the area as best they could and couldn't coax the Os out of fighting. They came to realize that they had to stop these things before they happen and take out Os while they're weak and unaware. Lloyd and his team began releasing propaganda about Marvelous, suggesting that she was a fraud and that she was just a con artist without any real powers -- that her encounter with The Strike was a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong. O-Positives were dangerous and had to be contained. Lloyd and the new and improved Silver Soldiers began to expand, eventually forming into what is now Achroma, an entire agency bent on studying, observing, capturing, and containing O-Positives to keep society human. O-Positives began disappearing and soon they were forgotten about.

As Achroma grew, different factions began to form. They could develop technology using the radiation emitted from Oratic Crystal, they could research a cure for O-Positivity, study the relationship between genetics and one's O-Signature, and train their Silver Soldiers in efficiently and effectively locating and capturing O-Positives. They'd also been experimenting with cloning. In 1999, the two first successful clones of Katherine Duan, AKA Marvelous, were created, revealing incredibly significant things about how the O-Signature relates to genetics.

In 2014, Achroma's Silver Division would come across five young teens newly infected with Oratic material, and after retrieving them, one of them, an eloquent young boy, would manage to convince the geneticists registering them that they would be enormously helpful in their fight against the inhuman. These geneticists, Dr. Shelley Rodriguez and Dr. Lucius Connolly, would take pity of them and agree to a temporary run. This would prove successful and form the Rainbow Division, an O-Positive counterpart to the Silver Division. Members of heavily monitored, in and out of the compound, through the use of motion-tracking badges fitted with microphones and miniature cameras. Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Connolly are immediately notified if one of the badges are removes or if they leave the city.
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Achroma would eventually fall victim to an internal uprising lead by Eclipse, who'd released the captive O-Positives into the unsuspecting city. Eclipse would take control of Achroma using his hypnotic abilities, making it public, and using its assets for his own personal gain. He'd dispose of the Rainbow Division and rally support for his new and improved Silver Soldiers. Achroma's agenda would appear unchanged, but Eclipse's plan would differ from that of his organization, plotting its downfall, as well as that of the O-Negatives who feared his people.
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