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Citara Satou

The Bloodkeeper Social Warrior

The female bloodkeeper stood tall on her makeshift pedestal, arm raised into the air as she used a spell to make her voice boom through the town square. "My people have been persecuted far beyond the extent necessary! You chase my people from their lands, and you attempt to pass laws to regulate where we can live!" Her Common was gruff and had a slight growl to it, her native tongue showing through the more passionate she became.   "The war is over, yet other beings assault, belittle and even murder our kind!" Her golden eyes, flecked with emerald, shone with a cold fury.   Some people had gathered to listen, but most walked away from her, avoiding eye-contact as they passed her by. She paid it no mind. Some were listening. That was all she needed. She took a breath to continue her speech when she saw a human step forward, a flash of white aimed toward her. Liquid hit her face and torso, as her eyes squeezed shut as she gasped in alarm at the shock.   "Get out of here, Bloodrat!"   Her ears flicked back as she wiped at her eyes. The familiar scent of blood filled her nose and mouth, the harsh coppery tang assaulting her senses. It was probably cattle's blood, likely from the butcher a few streets over judging by the scent of it. She wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. She had been splashed with blood by a counter-protester. Citara would not let this ruin her. The bloodkeeper looked up, seeing a pale human clutching a white bucket. They leered at her.   "This doesn't define me." she began, voice shaking ever so slightly as she began to speak again. "But it defines you." She held that human in her gaze. "You may cover me in blood, but that doesn't define my race's culture and being--it just shows how cruel yours can be." A few humans and elves started to escort the counter-protester away, and Citara took a deep breath. She could keep going. Blood wouldn't stop her.

The Social Warrior & Pariah

  Citara Satou is a bloodkeeper with purpose. After The Bloodkeeper-Human War, there was civil unrest, with humans and other beings within Juptmou attempting to lessen the rights of bloodkeepers and push them completely out of the territory. Having lived through the war, Citara decided that she would advance socially and attempt to be a spokesperson for her tribe and her people.   Her first sacrifice, was minimizing her presence in her culture; she no long drank blood from every kill she made, though she still offered it to her god, Silence. She began taking on Tundra versions of concepts, and instead of drinking a goblet of blood at her birthday ceremony, would instead take only a drop. This kept her fur lighter than most of her pack, and distanced her social standing-- a dark bloodkeeper coat was considered noble and wise.   However, it was a subtle signal to other beings: she didn't consume 'large' amounts of blood. She was no 'savage' as she was called. It made it easier for beings to be around her, for her to be accepted and allowed into human cities to speak. Even then, it wasn't perfect. Citara still suffered the same prejudice and micro-aggressions that the rest of her kind did. She felt her sacrifices would be worth it in the end, and stayed her course.  

A Small Step to Change

  Citara Satou lobbied for many years, for a plethora of rights for her brethren. One of her main achievements was convincing the scientific community to change their classification of her species from Homo ferus to Homo sacramentis. This change was small, and many are divided on it's worth as a goal. Citara said the following:
"You may think it's small, but if people see us as 'savages' as 'fierce', wicked even...How will they make their own judgments? How will they look at us without a lens of fear, if they're set up for hatred from the moment they learn of us?"
  Citara has inspired many young bloodkeepers to stand up to the injustices that surround them, and has a decent following. Even with an increased backing, she still does single speeches and demonstrations on her own, not wanting to let her slight fame change who she is.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Citara Satou is a very healthy bloodkeeper. Her fur is fluffy and silky, and she is moderately built. What she lacks in stature she makes up with a commanding presence.

Personality Characteristics


Citara Satou is driven to right the injustices in the world. She pursues equality for all races, and is currently working toward the acceptance of bloodkeepers by others. Citara has seen first hand what hatred can do to her people, and works hard to protect others from bigotry and hatred.

Virtues & Personality perks

  • Strong sense of justice
  • Ability to 'read the room'
  • Brave in the face of adversity
  • Willing to stand behind her beliefs

Vices & Personality flaws

  • Stubborn
  • Holds grudges
  • Typically doesn't know when to back down



Citara forces herself to be eloquent and noble when she speaks Common and is around other humans. She is far more casual around other Demons and some say she seems like an entirely different person.
Current Residence
Gold (Green flecked)
Deep indigo

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