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Khojin Sharisar

Founding mother and national hero of the Kingdom of Sharisar, Khojin Sharisar not only managed to unite the warring horse tribes of the Övsnii Sea to repel the various invasions of the nations that border the region, but also managed to bind them together in the forming of a new nation that has lasted for centuries.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in 210S.E., little is known about Khojin’s early life, except that she was born into and grew up in one of the nomadic horse tribes that had continued, and still do continue to life an itinerant life in the area of the Övsnii Sea. Like the majority of children who grow up in the area that is now the Kingdom of Sharisar, Khojin would have been placed in the saddle from an early age, and it is expected that Sharisian children should be proficient in riding, horse-archery and mounted spear use by the time that they are 15.   The first widely accepted event in her life is between 235-236S.E., when Khojin challenged for the leadership of the Caravan she had been born and raised in. Khojin’s challenge is supposed to have arisen over the issue of changing the caravan’s traditional migratory route across the Övsnii Sea, because a group of settlers from the Kingdom of Castar had started to build up a village right in the middle of the route, on land that did not belong to them. Unlike the leader of the Caravan, who was content to leave the settlers be, and even proposed that the Caravan might consider putting down roots in the new village themselves, Khojin saw in the Castarian settlers a blatant disregard for the rights of the true residents of the Övsnii Sea, and an overt attack on the traditions of her people. Khojin’s challenge for leadership was supported by the majority of the Caravan’s members and immediately following her election, Khojin lead an attack on the burgeoning village, destroyed it and slaughtered the settlers.   Following this, Khojin lead her Caravan on a crusade to maintain the freedom and integrity of the Övsnii Sea, and ensure that the grassland remained an area where her people could continue to honour the rights, practices and livelihoods of their ancestors. As Khojin patrolled the borders of the Övsnii Sea, destroying villages and even towns that the kingdoms bordering the region had tried to establish, more and more Caravans flocked to her banner. The actions of Khojin and her forces made the Övsnii Sea an increasingly difficult place for the other kingdoms to establish settlements, but rather than abandoning their efforts, they began a much more concerted programme of colonisation, and brought more soldiers and resources to bear to expand their borders into the region.   From the year 240S.E. onwards, the border skirmishes turned into all-out war, and Khojin found herself fighting on fronts to the north and the south to try to maintain the integrity of the region. Thankfully, the speed and skill of the horse tribes she commanded meant that her forces could move far more quickly than any army fielded by their adversaries could, and Khojin was able to quash the attempted invasion from the City-state of Aramore and the Kingdom of Reinhart within a year. To the south, however, matters had become more complex, as the Kingdom of Castar and Union of Mishtoon had formed an alliance with the aim of conquering the whole of the Övsnii Sea and dividing the area between them.   The campaign against Castar and Mishtoon was brutal and protracted, and Khojin’s forces found facing such a large and well-armoured body of troops incredibly difficult. After several bad defeats, and with opinion in the Caravan beginning to turn against her, Khojin changed tactics from direct assaults, to using the sprawling plains of her homeland to their advantage. For weeks, Khojin led a small band of riders ahead of the combined force of Castar and Mishtoon, having made them think that this group of tribal horsemen was the last of a crumbling resistance against the two kingdoms. For weeks, she drew them deep into the heart of the Övsnii Sea, over extending their supply lines, and leaving them exposed to attack. Finally, in 245S.E. Khojin turned to face the tired and weakened forces of the two kingdoms at the Battle of Ulaan-övs, where she brought the entire might of her Caravan to bear on the foe, surrounded them and slaughtered them to a man. The victory at the Battle of Ulaan-övs quashed any chances for the foreseeable future that either the Kingdom of Castar or the Union of Mishtoon had of subjugating the region, and following her victory, Khojin declared the Övsnii Sea to be the Kingdom of Sharisar, and was crowned as its first queen.   Following the establishment of the Kingdom of Sharisar, Khojin went to great efforts to establish some form of diplomatic relations, however frosty, with the surrounding nations, and worked hard to cement Sharisar’s place as a recognised and respected kingdom. Five years after the Battle of Ulaan-övs and the establishment of her kingdom, Khojin Sharisar died tragically in hunting accident. Though her reign was cut short, she had protected the integrity of her people’s traditions and way of life, had saved their homeland from invasion, established a powerful and respected nation, and founded a dynasty of warrior queens that has endured to this day.
210 S.E. 250 S.E. 40 years old
Aligned Organization

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