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Takashi Kyoshi of The Primals

Always loyal.

Warlock of The Primals Takashi Kyoshi (a.k.a. Takkun)

Takashi Kyoshi is a triumph to the land of Ezo, and a legend that is spoken to far and wide for his efforts.   Takashi's life started humbly, as a simple fisherman's son in the rural village of Aomori near the border of Formosa. He played his trade diligently, attempting to help feed his family and many younger sisters. It was on that tragic day, then, that when he set out for a whaling expedition, he and his shipmates quickly learned that their opponent was no ordinary whale, but instead the avatar of The Ocean, Rongomai, the terror of the deeps. They tried to apologize to The Ocean and flee, but Rongomai swallowed them whole.   His companions found themselves in a ruined city inside Rongomai. Those adventurers had no will to live, but Takashi insisted that they needed to survive. He rounded up the strongest adventurers, and with their help, were able to free themselves from the pit Rongomai. These adventurers bonded over their heroic feat. As they were being ferried back to shore with Rongomai, The Ocean spoke out to Takashi. The Ocean warned of The Moon's Cry, and asked Takashi to do his best to summon The Primals when they were freed.   Takashi and his companions took their quest seriously, and set about the land learning all they could about The Primals. They grew in strength, and Takashi did his best to protect The Ocean. But to no avail, the Ocean was slowly sapped of its power by hostile beings. They twisted The Ocean's magic, and ruined her form, beginning to destroy the world in very small manners.   In the end The Moon's Cry came, and with the strength Takashi had built up over time, he summoned The Primals. They came to him, and he promised to be their Patron. They accepted him, and granted him the powers of a demigod. He thus used their powers to split the land of Ezo from the larger landmass of Kohlm to protect it from The Gloom. Accepting his fate, Takashi quickly found a location near Mount Fuji, and entered a state of meditation. In this state, his soul was pulled away by The Primals, and was fused to allow them to transport to the Elemental Planes.   Takashi was never the same after that day. He was weak and frail, but those who loved him took care of him. He asked for nothing more, and passed of a good old age, always continuing to worship his new deities The Primals.

Divine Domains

Elementals, Ezo.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Long hair, well built, agile.

Identifying Characteristics

Tattoos, all in black, emulating the look of the Primals.

Special abilities

Power to channel the raw magic of the Primals.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





Uneducated, illiterate.


Fisherman, before becoming an adventurer.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Separated the country of Ezo from the mainland.

Morality & Philosophy

Good to a fault, cared about everyone, even his enemies.

Personality Characteristics


Dreams to see his family and homeland safe.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

A bit too stuff and serious; didn't know how to relax and enjoy himself.

Likes & Dislikes

The ocean, the beach, and the moonlit sky.


Family Ties

The Kyoshi family, who still lives in the Aomori region.

Religious Views

The Primals.
Divine Classification
92 PE 11 CE 103 years old
120 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Celestial


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