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Dizzi Glitterboom

Don't mess with Jiggles or her Boom-Boom Stick

"I once heard that Dizzi found a way to fly without wings! People saw Jiggles flying for weeks!"
— An unknown resident of the Golden Depths


Dizzi was raised by her parents, Fizzi and Lizzi Glitterboom, in the Vire town of Merrowmoor. She always had a profound gift for inventing and, like most vire, loved magic. After having some small mishaps with missing parts of the attic of their house, Fizzi and Lizzi decided that Dizzi needed to have her own workshop, and so they made her one on the outskirts of the town.  


After a brief incident with a screaming clock that floated around Merrowmoor and scared several people half to death, Dizzi focused on smaller inventions that would help people improve their day to day lives. Inventions of note are as follows:
  • Dishes that clean themselves
  • A ball that keeps your dogs entertained by playing magical fetch with them
  • A bar of soap that cleans you and makes you smell like peppermint
  • A non-screaming pocket watch that tells you the time when you ask for it

The Golden Depths

As is commonly known, Dizzi Glitterboom and Stornas Thundersword are the founders of the Golden Depths, and many people know about the cavern being excavated by Dizzi herself with her "Boom-Boom Stick". However, not many people know that her Boom-Boom Stick was created by accident. It was made due to a spill of highly concentrated Swifthound blood on a rod of magically infused platinum. Dizzi is still unsure as to how this combination created an explosive that preserves ore while destroying stone in a large area, but she is working hard to find an answer.
Fizzi & Lizzi Glitterboom
Vjal Glitterboom
Augusta Glitterboom
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Founder of the Golden Depths
Inventor Extraordinaire

Character Portrait image: Dizzi Glitterboom by Theiket (via Midjourney)


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"Oh, could you count inventory and close up the shop today?" He asked.   "Oh I'm sorry, I haven't got the ti—" she began, but his hand clapped suddenly over her mouth stopped him. She went bug-eyed, but somehow her expression was less severe and worried than his own. He looked down at his watch as though expecting it to explode and, when it didn't (naturally) he released her and let out a sigh of relief.   "Sorry," he said. "I'm giving one of DIzzi's inventions a trial run for her, a clock. Don't say that word around it, though, it's a bit... problematic."   "What word, time?" She seemed every bit as bewildered as one should, given the circumstance.   "Oh n—" he cried, but it was too late.   "TIME? DOES SOMEONE WANT TO KNOW THE TIME? BECAUSE THE TIME IS EIGHTEEN-PAST-THREE IN THE AFTERNOON ON THIS, THE FINEST DAY, THE 16TH OF SPRING. I REPEAT, IT IS EIGHTEEN PAST THREE."

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I tried to hate her.... because everyone loved her.... but where do the Dizzi Cult applications lay? >.> She is too great for this world. Good job, Thei.