Ysanna the White

Light Lord, The Righteous, The Herald of Light

First and foremost of Light Lords, also considered to be the most powerful of them all and one of the most powerful mortals in the history of the Light, easily capable of fighting toe to toe with even most powerful demigods. With tales of her might - and the good she done - still alive even now, after almost three thousand years since her death.   Is believed to be an only 'complete' Light Lord, that managed to aquire blessings of all gods of White Pantheon. She was 'created' by the White Pantheon to serve as its champion during Dawn War, the most terrible war to even happen in the Real World... during which she died probably countless times, only to return each time as even the time itself bend to the will of her patrons.

Divine Domains

Light Lords

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

An apex of high elf physique. Tall, strong, surprisingly feminine and beautiful.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ysanna is believed to originate from a minor family of high elves that converted to Imperial Religion prior to collapse of Kingdom of Lanoirenn and creation of Holy Elvharan Empire. It isn't sure where exactly they lived, with sources varying in that matter between Lanoirenn, northern Itavia and Frankia. Her exact rise to power is almost completely shrouded in mystery.   It is said that before the Dawn War started, she was given a single trial by each Imperial God of White Pantheon. She managed to finish all of them - driven by her boundless ambition and desire to make world a better place. Each of the trials she managed to complete were rewarded with a blessing... and a material gift, soon making her carry an artifact-grade objects specifically tailored by Imperial Gods to change her into an almost divine being.   She was a human weapon. A mortal champion of White Pantheon, a symbol of its temporarily unification against Old Gods that reacted agressively to New Gods (as Imperial Gods were called back then) expansion. Soon the Dawn War broke, and Ysanna marched to war as the head of almost uncountable armies, which fought truly titanic battles in Light and Dark simultaneously, invading even afterlifes of another gods.   She fought millions of battles as war was waged practically forever. Time is irrelevant in the Dark, and the tides of war came there and back, with boths sides often achieving almost complete victories, only for the opposite side tinker with time itself, changing its own past decisions, denying their opponents victory. During this time Ysanna slew pretty much every possible being, according to some apocryphas even claiming heads of some of the Old Gods.   Finally - in a way unknown for people living today - New Gods succeeded. Old Gods either died or were imprisoned. Ysanna had no time to celebrate, however. With the opponents defeated, the Imperial Religion waged a rather brief civil war, during which Ysanna sacrificed herself to imprison Ymrir in Tomb of Heroes, departing from the world at least until the End of Times.

Morality & Philosophy

She can summed up as an peak form of righteous goodness. Wholeheartedly believing that laws must be obeyed in their spirit, ready to do a lot to extinguish all forms of evil. Caring, selfless, merciful, just. A firm believer that with great might comes great responsibility, and that those at the top have to look after those beneath.

Divine Classification
High Elves
201 IE 264 IE 63 years old


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