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A brilliant inventor, Delehi was the daughter of a mine worker and a school teacher. She saw the dangers of flooded mines everyday from her father's work, and worked furiously to devise a solution. In the year 3299 of the Council calendar, she completed the first of many works: a steam-powered pump to clear flooded mines. Initially, it only worked at shallow depths, but by 3306 she had perfected the design.   She launched the profession of engineering into the public conscious with her rags-to-riches tale, and paved the way for a wave of new innovations and inventors.

Physical Description

Facial Features

She has a rough facial shape, far less delicate than the fine feature's of Lidaidi's upper class - a herald of her common origins. Her brows are thick and heavy and her jaw square. She regards her features with pride, and has repeatedly refused to have them magically altered.

Physical quirks

Delehi is completely ambidextrous, and will often scribble new ideas with whichever hand is free.   She often taps her fingers along her thigh and bounces her foot when restless or thinking.

Apparel & Accessories

She makes a point of dressing practically when she can get away with it, though her attendants sometimes talk her into finer dress for grand balls and receptions.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Her childhood poverty left a deep mark on Delehi, leaving her with an intense craving to be something more than herself.

Gender Identity

Female, she/her




She's largely self-taught, having learned the start of her letters at her mother's knee. She hungered for knowledge, and her father scrounged up enough to send her to the city, where she holed up in the grand libraries until her mind ached with the knowledge she poured into it.


She is currently employed as a Royal Engineer in the high court of Veshiri.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She invented the first commercially successful steam engine at the age of 98 - still an adolescent by elven standards - and has had numerous inventions to her name since. She is widely credited with launching the nation into the modern era.   Almost all of her public inventions have been for the common good - mine pumps and assistive devices chief among the examples. She has used the money from her position to found a charity designed to distribute useful devices, such as hearing aids, mobility aids, and artificial limbs, to the masses who would otherwise be unable to afford such innovations.   She does have a few more frivolous designs to her name, either as idle exercises for her own amusement or as commissions from the royal family. She has crafted a variety of unique mechanical toys for the royal children, having studied clockwork for that exact purpose, along with marvels for the entertainment of the Empress's adolescent daughter and her friends. At the Empress's request, she designed the smoothest lift in the world to be installed in the new palace, so the Empress's long time friend, the elderly Lord Eiheni, could navigate its halls without risking the stairs.

Intellectual Characteristics

Delehi often comes off as aloof, as she feels disconnected from the high society types who surround her now. She's much more herself around other engineers - brilliant, prone to intense focus, often excited about the latest theory or invention. She enjoys sharing knowledge with others, and can go on for quite some length about most modern forays into science, mathematics, and engineering.

Morality & Philosophy

Delehi believes very firmly that it is her role in life to spread her good fortune to those who were less lucky than she.

Personality Characteristics


She dreams of becoming the greatest inventor in all the worlds and all of history - a lofty goal, when measured alongside the great minds of the cosmos.


Family Ties

She keeps strong ties with her family in the mountains. Her parents have refused to move to Lidaidi, preferring to stay in their family home, and her younger brother stays with them. However, she has taken in a young cousin under her wing, to tutor her in the ways of both the court and the engineer.

Religious Views

She holds her religious views close to her chest, though secretly she doubts the role of the gods in the coming age of discovery.

Social Aptitude

She is often awkward, frequently missing social cues others would find obvious, and hasn't yet put in the time to memorize society's unspoken rules, finding reading the latest article from the Journal of Aeromechanical Engineering far more worthy of her time.

Hobbies & Pets

She spends most of her time reading, inventing, or taking a walk through the city. She likes getting among the people, to learn what they want and desire and need.   She has a small pet bumble dragon, a gift to her from the Royal Astronomer, a good friend of hers. The dragon, named Bee, often sits on her shoulder while she works or strolls about.


She often speaks quickly, with a sharp, precise accent - an overcompensation for the drawling accent of her youth.

Wealth & Financial state

She was born in crushing poverty. Her inventions have since made her fabulously wealthy - a wealth she uses to help her homeland in the mountains, and the many poor of Lidaidi. She has been known to buy out debtor's contracts.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Royal Engineer
Year of Birth
3201 M.E. 306 Years old
A small town in the mountains, on barely any map
Current Residence
Dark blue and hooded
Cornsilk yellow and curly
Known Languages
Delehi delights in learning new tongues, and speaks every major trade and scientific tongue of Veshiri, along with several languages from other worlds. She can read and write in significantly more languages than she can speak.


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