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Howard Lee Niles

The Uniting King Howard Lee Niles (a.k.a. Humanities Guide)

A peasant turned the first king.

Mental characteristics


No formal education worked as a farmhand and spent his free time training his martial skills.


Started as a farmhand. Distinguished himself after his village was raided causing him to be promoted town leader. After training his village in the art of war quickly conquering some neighboring villages in revenge. Power exponentially grew the more villages he conquered until he had united humanity and all the settlements in the arcane fields into his new kingdom.

Accomplishments & Achievements

United humanity under one banner. Became the first non Vanaras King in history. Created a peace treaty heavily favoring humans between the dwarves and them. (turning them into a vassal state in all but name)

Failures & Embarrassments

Was injured in his first battle when he was ambushed by one of the raiders and causing him to lose an eye.

Intellectual Characteristics

Tactical, Philosopher, and organizer.

Morality & Philosophy

That those who hinder humanities survival are not human and should be put to the sword to further and cement humanities future.


Disliked magic although understood it's usefulness. Despises other races seeing them as only road blocks to the progress of humans

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws

Easily irritated, strong dislike for other races.


Very clean


Religious Views

Was a worshiper of Mortis believing that although humans may be mortal and will all go to his realm in the end their children will continue to live and progress until the end of time

Social Aptitude

Charismatic, Assertive, Very blunt, Responded poorly to threats.


Slammed his fist often.


Commonly swore and was very crude.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Dominator of dwarves. Uniter of humanity. The first king. Warrior of the heart.
543 A.F. 624 A.F. 81 years old
In the location now known as Colsai
Current Residence
Buried in the location of his family home in the crypts of castle Colsai
Gender Identity
One eyed, Vibrant Blue
Short, Brown, and Messy
Quotes & Catchphrases
The time may come when I die but humans will never we have something that no others can boast to and that is the strength of our beating hearts it pounds like the beat of of drums and brings courage in the face of doom we will persevere until this world turns to dust remember men listen to your heart and it will guide you to protect the future so that more humans may to hear the beats of their own hearts. (said before the first battle between humans and Vishkanya)
Known Languages
Only spoke common refused anything else.

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