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Aquilla and the Dragon


It is said that during their travels, the fames group of adventurerd, the Tuatha de Dannan, were forced to pit their might against that of the green tyrant of the south, Nemintyg, a fearsome elder green dragon. After the week long trek into then uncharted mountains, they reached the mouth of the beasts lair. Thinking that they would rest and regroup before entering the cavern to face their foe, they sought to make camp at the entrance. But Nemintyg, sensing the presence of several powerful beings outside his home, realised the coming danger and surged forth from the cavern to catch the band of friends unaware and unprepared. Neither side would give ground in the fight, each of the companions protecting another from the assault of the drake, while the fell beast would retreat into the cavern and fill the entrance with noxious fumes should he require a moment of rest. In a moment of desperation, the eagle companion of Riviril Fenzephyr, Aquila, dove into the dragons face, scratching and clawing at his eyes in an attempt to distract it from the exhausted group. Forgetting the pesky adventurers at his feet, Nemintyg rose his head high, following the flight of this small pest that dared to interupt his assured victory, before slamming his jaws together around the eagle. Zalman, seeing his opportunity, drove his spear GaeBulg deep into the chest of the monster, it's point seeking the heart of the beast. In Nemintygs brief moment of relief from a small irritation, he was painfully reminded of the more pressing concern that he had forgotten. Though it had cost them a companion that had been with them since the beginning, the Tuatha de Dannan triumphed over the green tyrant of the south, and showing the power that some of the smallest and weakest have in changing the future, and the world around them.

Historical Basis

The story of Aquilla and the Dragon is widely accepted to be a relatively accurate account of one of the Tuatha de Dannans many adventures, though with the passage of time and numerous retellings, it is impossible to know what is truth and what is an embellishment.

Variations & Mutation

A common derivation from the normal myth found in the communities of darconic lineage, such as dragonborn and kobold, is a telling placing the dragon as the protagonist of the story, and bending the moral to being one of keeping your focus on the truly important things and not whatever just captures your attention in the moment.


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