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The Game Of Dice

The Game of Dice is a famous children's tale told in most places in Koria. It revolves around the tale of a Orc, a Dwarf, an Elf, a Halfling, a Gnome, and a sneaky Human.


Once, long long ago, there was a drinking competition held between a Dwarf, an Elf, a Halfling, a Gnome, a Human, and an Orc. With each drink they drank, the Dwarf, Elf ,Halfling and Gnome told tales of the greatness of their homelands, how each was beautiful beyond imagining. The Human and the Orc listened in silence, for they had no true home, and instead lived where they could. With each tale told, the Orc grew madder and madder. The Human took notice and had an idea. 'My friend,' the Human whispered to the Orc, 'look at them. Look at how they brag of their homes while we sleep in the cold. It makes you mad doesn't it?'   'Yes,' replied the Orc, 'I should take their homes myself.'   'Why not play them for it?' Asked the human, handing the Orc a pair of dice. 'These dice,' he explained, 'are magiced to always roll high, they are so drunk they wont even realise they've been cheated until you alreayd have all they boast of and love.'   The Orc, well into his cups as they all were, smiled at the sneaky Humans plan and took the dice, boasting loudly, 'Come now, your homes cannot be as grand as all that.'   'Oh but it is Orc, my woods are the more verdant place in all the world, ' said the Elf.   'My mountains stretch to the clouds high and grow deep into the belly of the earth!' Roared the Dwarf.   'My hills roll on forever, and always a cosy home can be found within them, ' said the Gnome with a smile.   'My fields are always full, food is plentiful, and I am happy for it, ' sighed the Halfling.   'Well let us make a wager, ' said the Orc, holding out the dice. 'I say I can beat any of you in a toss of the dice. If I win, you give me your homes for a hundred years. If I lose, I will become your slave for a thousand years hence, I swear it on Gruumsh himself!'   The others agreed and the dice rolling began. One by one, the Orc beat each of them with high rolls, laughing with glee at each. Soon the Orc controlled the verdant forests, the rolling hills, the high mountains and the fruitful plains, to the dismay of those at the table. With each victory he drank more and more, getting louder and more boastful each time.   'I say friend, ' said the Human, 'can I have a roll as well?'   'Of course Human, ' slurred the Orc, drunk on both victory and ale.   The two rolled dice, and to the shock of the Orc, the dice rolled two, the lowest roll possible. The Orc became angry and demanded another roll. The Human agreed but only if the Orc would agree to give him all the winnings he had won if he lost. The Orc agreed and they rolled again. Again, the dice rolled two. The Orc roared with rage and tried to attack the Human, calling him a cheat and a trickster. The others restrained him, and threw him out.   The Human then turned to each in turn and told them he would gladly return their homes to them, so long as they would agree to let him stay there for a time if he wished. The others agreed with glad hearts and embraced him each in turn.   And this is why the Dwarves still have their mountains, the Elves still have their forests, the Halflings have their fields, the Gnomes their hills, and the Humans are allowed to live in each, while the Orcs stay out in their wastes, in caves and hovels, always coveting the lands of others.

Historical Basis

This story is likely believed to be a childish retelling of The Denial of Gruumsh.
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