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The Halflings, or Hin, are an easy going, simple people, usually more interested in farming and brewing than anything else. Most people consider them lucky due to their always seeming to always be at the right place and the right time, or manage to work things out to benefit themselves, or at least have an equal share in things.

Basic Information


Halflings are very small humanoids, being the size of a human child when fully grown

Genetics and Reproduction

Halflings have a standard humanoid reproduction, usually giving birth to one child.

Growth Rate & Stages

Halflings children are very small, often less than a foot tall, and are considered children until the summer of their twentieth year.

Ecology and Habitats

Halflings tend to try and live as one with the land around them, farming being one of their favorite past times.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Halflings have no real social structure, tending to live in small villages or among other races. Typically the eldest Halfling in the community will be the speaker for the others, but as a whole they tend not to care to greatly about the aspects of village life outside of a village they themselves don't run.

Facial characteristics

Male Halflings tend to grow long and majestic forked beards, not as large as Dwarves but still respectable.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Halflings are extremely dexterous, and seem to have almost supernatural luck.

Civilization and Culture


Halflings were said to have been created by one of the Elven Gods, or possibly one of the Fey Lords shortly after the Sylvan Migration. Formed from a group of fey said to be more playful and joyus in the trickster nature than those around them, they were bound into a single shape, small due to the limited power the fey creatures possessed, but gifted with all their mirth and love of life. Whoever had a hand in their creation, Halflings spent a majority of their early time as a cast off feylike group, living mostly in the deep woods of the world, occasionally living in and among small Elven towns working with their animals and within their fields. Always welcomed by their neighbors, the Halflings had a comfortable, if unfulfilling, existence, and grew to love the tending of their fields, and the husbandry of the animals around them. However sometime after the beginning of the Dawn War, their simple existence was shattered as the Gods and the Primordials warred through both time and space, destruction and creation locked in a battle for the fate of existance, the Halflings were pushed aside, small brings trapped within the conflict that swirled around them. They seemed almost to be forgotten by all, except the Goddess Yondalla who took a special interest in the small scared race, taking them into her protection and bestowing upon them a powerful blessing to 'Help even out the scales the world had set against them', giving them innate and almost supernatural good luck. From that moment forward, the Halflings always seemed to be on step ahead of disaster, one stroke of luck away from destruction.
Around 200 years
Average Height
3 ft.
Average Weight
40 lbs
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Halflings have any and all skin colors.
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