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The Dragon and the Boy

A long time an ago, in a forgotten kingdom lived a young boy. He was spoiled and gotten anything he could ever want in life. But, for some reason, everything seemed so empty to him. No matter what he did, no matter what he had, he was never happy.   One day the boy heard a strange noise from outside of his kingdom. He decided to follow the sound and see what caused it. He entered the forest and found a white dragon that was about the size of a one-story house. It growled at the boy, yet he didn't move. He noticed the dragon had several scars on his body and looked exhausted. Without saying a word, the boy ran back to his kingdom.   A few hours later, he returned with food. The dragon stared at the boy and asked why. The boy smiled and told him why not. The dragon laughed and ate the food. He bared his teeth at the boy as he moved closer. The boy continued to smile. The dragon was confused, why is this child doing all of this. The boy just patted the dragon on the snout. He told the dragon that it seemed lonely out here. The dragon didn't say a word as the boy returned to his kingdom.   From then on, the boy would return each day and feed the dragon. With each meeting, they learned a little bit about one another. This went on for about a month until the boy's kingdom was attacked. Without delay, the dragon flew in and murdered the invaders. The boy was happy while everyone in the kingdom home wanted the dragon dead.   Before the citizens could do anything, the boy jumped between the citizens and the dragon. He told his people he wouldn't allow anyone to harm his friend. So they tried to murder him too. The dragon picked up the boy and flew away.   From then on, they were partners. They shared the good with the bad, took down anyone who tried to hurt the other and formed an unbreakable bond. It is unknown what happened to the pair, but it's assumed that they shared their story and started to create Guardian Dragon Culture.


There was a boy who had everything he wanted, but he didn't enjoy his life. One day he finds a dragon out in the forest and decided to feed it. The boy would continue to feed the dragon. Sometimes they would get into in-depth conversations. This changed when the boy's kingdom was attacked. To repay what the boy has done for him, the dragon fought off the invaders.   The citizens of the kingdom wanted the dragon dead after the threat was no more. Before they could do anything

Variations & Mutation

In one variation, it is stated that the dragon found the boy. In another one, it said the boy physically fought off a bear to help protect the weakened dragon. Some stories say the dragon was another color and the boy was a specific race.

Cultural Reception

This legend gives hope that dragons and other races can be able to co-exist without constantly murdering each other.
Date of Setting
A few thousand years ago.
Related Ethnicities
Related Species

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