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The Mating of Lycans

Before a lycan can get married, there are several steps one must follow. A lycan must propose with a gift and or offering to their mate. If they don't like it for whatever reason, they will try to find something else to give them or look for someone to marry.   Next, the couple must decide where they want to have the ceremony. This could take a day to a couple months. After that is settled, they decide on who's coming and get things ready for the wedding. During the halfway point, both of the families have a dinner together. This is so they can become acquainted with the family of the other. It's also to address any concern they have with the wedding. If someone has a problem with the marriage, they will have to settle it with a duel.   For the last couple of days, the couple isn't allowed to see each other. They would spend this time reflecting on their life and enjoying freedom before they get married. Then they go to their ceremony. Here, all their loved ones are waiting for them. Each mate has someone who helps them through this time. As soon as they lock eyes, they say their vows to each other and wedding gifts. Then they kiss and live out their marriage.


This tradition started at the very beginner of lycan culture.


The ones who are getting married are allowed to invite anyone they deem as friends or family. Their parental figures would give a speech about them and walk them down to meet their soon to be spouse.


All almost all weddings take place when the moon is out. If it so happens if someone wants to get married on the same day, it is a custom for them to fight over who gets the day.

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