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God Seal

For those who can't be handle in the traditional way

The fight between Necrox and the 10th was a fierce one. Elements were flying, deities were being thrown like toys, and Gaia was becoming a distant memory in the process. The fight was turning in favor of Necrox. So instead of trying to beat him with brute force, they decided to trap him.   As a few of them were distracting Necrox, the other members started creating the God Seal. Every so often they would alternate so they could contribute to the chest. The final design of the God Seal had a crack. This was done on purpose so death would still exist in the world.   With their final assault, they went full force. While he wasn't paying attention, they sucked him into the God Seal. He tried escaping it was locked. After the 10th tried to heal the world, they hid the chest away, so it would never be open.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The actual chest itself is a pocket dimension. It is designed to hold down an entity of great power through the combined strength of the 10th. Once someone is absorbed into the chest, their powers will start to be forcefully drained from their body and flow out into the world.

Manufacturing process

It takes all members of the 10th to be in a circle. Then they have to concentrate their power into one point and think about what they want and how it would work.


The God Seal is capable of holding a deity that can cause Armageddon. It's extremely important not to let it fall into the wrong hands or lose it.
Item type
Subtype / Model
Used by
Owning Organization
There is only one God Seal in existence.
It weighs around ten to fifteen pounds. Whatever is in side the chest doesn't increase the weight of it.
2.125" x 1.5" x 1.25
Base Price
There is no mortal currency that can be used to measured the God Seal. Nor can a price be given to it.
Raw materials & Components
To make the God seal, it took the power of all the members in The 10th.
The God Seal doesn't require tools to be made.

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