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The Veil of Stars

On the mountains where the stars are within reach

The Tale

To the Veil, start to wind
See the stars, what you will find
May not be held within your mind
But shines on all that's left behind;

Try o' try to stay your hand
Casting here is surely banned
Up and up it seems to stand
This point your self is seen untanned;

Through and through what seems a veldt
Resolve, your line, it must be held
Panic, fear is now unquelled
An Astral Behemoth can't be felled;

The Story

The Veil of Stars was first discovered by Dvarin Kilkrund, a Kanen mage who braved the Gelaal Mountain pass one day and felt the dissonance between the sky and what could only be a portal of shimmering stars. After this initial discovery and the Gelaal Mountain Accords summit to put them under the protection of all the Eight Lands, Dvarin returned yearly to keep track of what the portal was doing.   Between Dvarin's visits to the Veil, other mages journeyed to the site to study it. There have been some unfortunate incidents where the travelling mages were pulled into the Veil, releasing psychic dissonance into the world and causing some people to have months of visions of a creature surrounded by stars, one that seemed to hunger for the world to be its own.   Some believe that this is a sign from the Ancient Ones, telling them that a new dawn is approaching and that they should welcome it with open arms, regardless of its appearance, and others believe that this is simply some form of magical trickery. A very small group of people in the world believe that the creature behind the Veil is a legitimate threat, and so they work to find a way to close the Veil for good.
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2 Jul, 2018 18:40

This sounds like the premise behind a campaign or story. Any plans for this to become something like that?

2 Jul, 2018 18:41

Should take a moment to read the homepage for Pronathea, you'll find your answer :)

2 Jul, 2018 18:51

Welp, I should consider reading the world vignette before asking questions in the future xD

2 Jul, 2018 18:44

The veil sounds fascinating. I like how the summary provides more questions than answers; it really makes one want to dig into the world and learn more. Love the poem, too.

2 Jul, 2018 18:47

I'm glad you enjoyed it, however, I am saddened to say that most of my articles that aren't from the Summer Camp prompts are either stubs or empty until I add some digital ink to their pages, so I don't think anyone would get too far if they tried digging into it.

2 Jul, 2018 18:49

That's just something to look forward to in the future as you expand it, then.

2 Jul, 2018 18:45

I can see you have several articles on your world, but not any link on this article. If you have some terms that could be linked it should be great to help to comprehend whats going on here. (What is an ancient one, and the eight lands, for example)

2 Jul, 2018 18:48

I'll make edits for that and try to keep it in mind. Thanks for picking that up !

2 Jul, 2018 19:02

Very interesting read! I like the poem at the beginning! Perhaps [quote] or [aloud] may help it stand out a bit more?

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2 Jul, 2018 19:03

To the Veil, start to wind See the stars, what you will find May not be held within your mind But shines on all that's left behind;
To the Veil, start to wind See the stars, what you will find May not be held within your mind But shines on all that's left behind;

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The Hylian Fantasy
2 Jul, 2018 23:16

As much as I like the alternate backgrounds to draw attention to it, I feel that at the moment it works pretty well by itself. Although I did toy with the idea of having it in the side panel instead of the main body

5 Jul, 2018 05:51

I really enjoyed this one man. I especially enjoy the part theories of what the visions mean! The Old gods are coming! Short but sweet and to the point, well done.

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5 Jul, 2018 05:55

That's the bulk of my articles; short, to the point, leaving you wanting more

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Benjamin Andula
5 Jul, 2018 09:29

The Poem is interesting on its own as it touch a subject which can lead to anothers (The stars who can have multiples meanings, and is definitely something important in Pronathea), but the explanation is still short and easy to read, that is very good !

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5 Jul, 2018 09:58

Shh! Don't tell anyone it's important!

14 Jul, 2018 10:49

Give me a hint here: between "Cthulhu awakens" and "aliens arrive with good news", how does this pan out for them? :D   +1!

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14 Jul, 2018 10:53

I'll let you know when I find out! :P