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The Cave Stalker

A common tale of the spooky Norat who hides in caves in the dark looking for silly children who go exploring.


A brother and sister one night decide to sneak out of their cozy bed way past their bedtime to explore a cave they had found even though their parents told them not to. as they take their candles into the mouth of the cave the candle flickers and their is the feeling of someone blowing from just out of sight on their skin. The children don't believe what their parents told them and continue into the cave walking past stalagmites and stalactites when all of sudden there is a loud CLAP! and the candle goes out unable to see anything they try to crawl their way back only going deeper into the cave. Finding a cavern with a opening to the sky they run towards the light of the moon when WHAM the light is blocked a monster the size of a shed with glowing red eyes and teeth as long as a child's arm blocks the path its 7 arms each tipped with bloody claws and there are the heads of his previous victims hanging from its thick hair the children scream was the last thing the town heard from them never to be seen again.

Historical Basis

unlikely to have any real historical evidence of Norat actually exists likely created by parents or loosely based on the very real dangers of exploring caves without supervision.


A very common story told by parents to their children especially in rural or mountainous locations where a child my have the desire to explore a cave ending up getting hurt. most common in the human and dwarf kingdoms and settlements although it is still told other places but it is more rare.

Variations & Mutation

the description of Norat is constantly changing with parents often just thinking of the most terrifying thing they can think of to add to Norat.

In Art

parents will often make masks of the creature to scare the children as the tell the story.
Date of Setting
when the parent was a child someone they new met the Norat

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